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Woman ~ Goddess ~ Queen

The Solution to Reawakening the Power of the Feminine

When I say, these are truly turbulent and confusing times, I am not making any pronouncement that you didn't already know. Yet, we normally don't realize how deeply this cultural deconstruction is penetrating us.

One of the areas that has been deeply affected by all that has been happening over the last 75 years, is the relationship between the genders. And that relationship becoming increasingly unstable because the entire definition of Woman and Man has been completely altered forever. In out next show we are going to take up this subject that is one of the foundations for a civilized existence. In specific we will look at Woman's Power:

  • What it is

  • Where it went

  • How to retrieve it

There is a seismic shift taking place. Civilization, for all of its technological advancements over the millennia, has yet to conquer its own inner space. And this is reflected most obviously in the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine. We all know that, when things get out of balance, when one side or another dominates, that things go terribly wrong. And they have. But things can be put right. And that requires a restoring of the balance. And that requires women to awaken to and exercise their innate power.

Want to immerse yourself even more in feminine power and presence. Click here to heck out the workshop Woman ~ Goddess ~ Queen.

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