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Private Sessions with GP

GP, Co-founder of OM School, is a Master Healer and focuses his healing work on early childhood trauma.


He has worked with people from all walks of life from business execs to stay at home moms. He has helped combat veterans with severe PTSD and adults with C-PTSD from extreme childhood abuse, which he himself suffered as a boy.

His compassion and empathy are unparalleled and even the deepest wounds yield to his loving approach quickly and permanently.


His experience spans 50 years working in various traditions of healing; emotional, psychological, physical and metaphysical.


Despite his rich experience and depth of knowledge in numerous spiritual tradition, his focus remains on bring healing and freedom to everyday human life.


To put it simply, You Matter.

Private Sessions with Lisa

Lisa, Co-founder of OM School, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Wellness Counselor and BioIntuitive.

Having just completed her 3 year tenure of apprenticeship directly under GP's tutelage with daily contact Lisa is eager to support those seeking OM Care.

Covering all areas needing care, GP will be taking the more challenging cases of deep and longstanding trauma, and Lisa will be working with,  transition, integration, establishing new habits, boundaries, personal relationships and creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. She will guide you in all the practical aspects of making healthy, sustainable, and gentle changes to all areas of your life.


As an ongoing student under GP's guidance, she brings a unique spiritual perspective to health and healing, diet, and your relationship with food, money, and love.

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All of OM School's private sessions are offered on a sliding scale to help accommodate those whose
traumas are manifesting in their finances. $55, $75 or $95. Please choose the one that will best fit your budget.


Lisa is available to assist you in what you may need right now or what your next step may be.

She offers these consultations free of charge to anyone who sincerely wants to grow in freedom and fulfillment.


She can direct you to the right courses or perhaps some private sessions with herself or GP.


Please note that GP will do some free assessment sessions but you must go to Lisa first and she will recommend you to him.




"My daughter went through a horrifying experience, being held up at gunpoint. Even though she was physically unharmed, the fear and aftereffects that loomed over our family were relentless and paralyzing.  I couldn’t shake the 'what if' thoughts, which repeatedly woke me from a sound sleep. Four days after the incident, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to meet with GP in the hopes of finding some relief. 
I went from days of sobbing about what might have happened, to peace and calm in just about 12 minutes.  It was a miraculous transformation. Remarkably, the fear that had gripped me, entirely dissipated and hasn't resurfaced since. With this newfound sense of calm, I was able to guide both my daughter and my husband to a place of profound peace and healing as well. So grateful!"
~ Margie, Speaker and Coach (last name withheld for her daughter's protection)

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