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Grazie mille per aver supportato il mio lavoro

Le tue donazioni mi consentono di mantenere il costo di tutti i miei contenuti gratuiti o a basso costo, inclusi: ~ Il flusso dell'illuminazione Radio Show ~ Sunday Satsang ~ Meditazioni mattutine ~ Livestream privati nel mio gruppo Facebook ~ Corsi e workshop gratuiti ~

In addition to the free content, GP & Lisa keep the cost of classes as low as they can, as well as providing reduced tuitions to many people who otherwise couldn't afford to attend.

For One Time Donations I have an account on this clever site called Buy Me A Coffee.
It takes one time donations in increments of $5 USD
I also have an account on Patreon which is pretty much the big name but Patreon only handles recurring donations so you can't use it for a one time thing
In either case we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts
It takes quite a bit of effort to put out a steady stream of content and keep it free! Your generosity makes all the difference
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