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The Only Thing You Really Lack

And the only place you can get it

"All you need is love." – John Lennon

This blog is a continuation of a previous one. I recommend you read that one first.

As I said at the end of the previous blog, our programming for success or failure (and our intense fear of failure) stems from something very deep.

Now, let me point out that this programming is not about a specific kind of success. You have to remember that, the nervous system generalizes experience. It is always looking for patterns. It wants to find a set of reactions and behaviors that can respond to the greatest number of circumstances. It is a Swiss army knife when it comes to adaptation.

We all have a need, an absolute, undeniable need. This need is inherent and we instinctively know whether we are getting that need met or not. It is more important than the need for food, water and shelter. It cannot be denied. It cannot be ignored. There is no substitute for it, it cannot be discounted and it cannot be swapped out for anything less.

That is the need to be loved. But, not just any kind of love. Real, authentic, absolute, unconditional love. If, when we are children, we get that kind of no strings attached love, we learn self-love, self-validation, confidence. Paradoxically, we simultaneously learn patience, humility, compassion, because we don't feel threatened or have any need to compare or compete. We are whole.

But, the very sad truth is we didn't get it. None of us did. Over the last several millennia, humans have evolved a way of living that makes it almost impossible to receive this kind of love. And, in the last several hundred years, it has gotten so extreme as to have created a world wide madness that is so detached from our nature that we don't even know what our needs actually are.

Well, this all begs the question... are we screwed? Are we doomed to this madness and deprivation?

Mercifully, the answer is no we are not doomed. We can get it or, perhaps more accurately we can give it. Since we didn't get it from the one place we were suppose to, we have to get it from the only place that can give it.

That is you!

We have to learn to give ourselves now that unconditional, mother love that we didn't get then. It is actually natural and easy for us to do, but there are many obstacles that get in the way. Moving through those obstacles is the need and, even though it is natural to us, we have to learn how to move inward with the deepest kind of compassion, patience and open heartedness.

There is a process that I developed to do just that. It isn't the only process out there. I am not claiming any kind of exclusive access to some secret teaching. Just that, over the last few decades, working with countless number of people I have found a very simple and direct way to regain access to that part of us that is full of love and self-acceptance.

I named it Inner Reconciliation.

(One more installment on the way)


I have been working in the area of healing deep, unconscious wounds and programs for over two decades and I have found and developed very effective ways of getting to the root of these limitations and healing them.

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