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The Ongoing Healing Journey

It Starts & Ends with Love

I have been rather quiet as of late. I haven’t made many videos or blogs or audios or even emails. There is a reason for that.

Life is always in a state of transforming. As we all learned in high school, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms and that is what it is doing continually. My life is no exception to that rule.

Most of the time those changes are so subtle and slight that we don’t notice it happening. We have all looked in the mirror one day and were shocked. It was like we got older since yesterday. But, of course, that is not what has happened at all.

Our minds tend to freeze frame things and after a while, the image in the mirror has changed so much that we can’t help but notice it. Well that is what has happened to me over the last… well… almost a year now.

I have been reaching for a clearer sense of direction for both my life as a spiritual teacher and healer and my personal life as just another human living on planet earth.

Our inevitable ascent up the scale of consciousness is not a process you can rush. It isn’t a process you can. control. It isn’t even something that you yourself started, any more that you started the aging process that seemed to show up unannounced one day.

So what is this mysterious process? It is called AWAKENING and it is happening to all of us.

While on the surface it appears as though we are doing the awakening. We’re not. It is happening to us and it is for our benefit. Sure we choose to meditate, do self-inquiry, read spiritual books and take spiritual classes with spiritual teachers. But if we look closely we find something inside is both compelling us and beckoning us.

As I have grown in my own spiritual life, I have seen more and more that the only thing I can do is allow the process to complete itself. And to do so in its own good time. My ego, of course, wants to speed it up. It wants to be a spiritual person. It wants to control the process and claim success at the end. But, the truth is, it is the ego we are waking up from.

So, since it is the ego we are waking up from, what then are we waking up to?

In a word, Love.

The more I walk the spiritual path the more I see that it is very, very simple. It is all about Love. And I purposely capitalize Love because Love is the name and nature of what our religions call God. It is the ultimate, the first and the last, the alpha and omega. It is the answer to all questions and the solution to all problems.

It is for this reason that I remain hopeful in the face of a world that is deep in the throes of an existential crisis. Our old egoic ways of doing thing have run out of steam. We are running on fumes. As unpleasant as it is, this is what has to happen.

The birth of new life seems to always involve travail. So, like a mother in labor, rather than focusing on the struggle and pain, I turn my attention to what it is that is being born. A greater Love than could possibly be imagined.

There are literally millions of people who have glimpsed this fact and Love is becoming the dominant energy in their lives. Ad is this surge of energetic beauty being released that is driving the selfish tendencies of the ego mind to the surface.

The world is not dying, it is being reborn.

As this Love awakens in our hearts we embody it more and the result is that the world experiences healing. It is that simple. Every act of love you perform, however slight or humble, is THE LOVE, manifesting in and bringing healing to the world.

The more we connect up our personal love to that Divine Love, the bigger it will grow. The trickle we may now be experiencing will become a flowing river, filled with Life and nourishing everything around it with its healing waters.

You are that Love. To manifest that Love in the world is why you were born. You need not wear the title of caregiver, light worker, teacher or healer. The role is of no importance. Love is shining through you, right where you are.

Simply become more aware of that. Consciously connect yourself up to it. Identify with it as your name and nature and you will fulfill your mission in this world which is to live a full, rich life and to participate in humanity’s awakening to its true identity as the very presence of Love.

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” - Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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