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The Comfy Chair of Being


“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.” - LaoTzu

Your true, formless, ineffable being

Is like the most comfortable chair you can imagine

You just sink into it

You don’t worry about falling

You don’t have to support yourself

It does all the work

It is effortless and constant

The purest relaxation

This is the true nature of being

Don’t believe me?

Fair enough

Close your eyes

Take a couple of deep low breaths

Now put your attention on the simple feeling of being

Do you need to maintain it?

Do you need to make it happen?

Did you create it?

Is it ever not there?

For just a moment set aside all beliefs and assumptions

Leave outside any conflicting thought

Leave aside any memory or ambition

What do you find?

Are you gone?

Have you been left outside?

You are just here

A simple presence

Still, effortless, essential

Like a comfy chair that you never have to get out of

Like that favorite sweater you never want to take off

Like that old friend who never lets you down

It is right here

You're right here

Sink in to your being

Be still

That is all

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