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Tapping to Allow Safety

The Open Door to Creative Living

Have you lived for long time (maybe your whole life) with worry, anxiety, struggle, self-doubt, panic or just a feeling like the other shoe is about to drop? Well, frankly, we all have. It is just a matter of degree.

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When we feel that way, be it chronically or acutely, then just feeling safe, even for a moment feels like heaven itself. But it doesn't have to be this way.

I use the Meridian Tapping technique for several reasons but the 3 most important of those is its ability to quickly:

  • Calm the nervous system

  • Bypass the mind and go straight to the body

  • Carry the most important message there is… YOU ARE SAFE

What we experience as fear in any of its presentations (from panic attacks to minor anxiety) is the body going into its defensive mode. Which means it is taking energy away from higher functions (like creativity and fun) and redirecting that juicy energy into self protection.

So, what do you think might happen if something like tapping communicates to the body that it is safe? Well, all that energy starts moving back into the fun stuff. I call this the expressive mode.

You move from self-protection to self-expression. With self-expression comes confidence, presence and both inner and outer beauty.

I emphasize all of this because this lack of feeling safe is at the root of all our problems, difficulties, worries and self-doubt. To restore a feeling of safety releases your inherent creative and expressive power. And, believe it or nor, at the root of everything you have ever wanted, every little desire, has been the desire to freely and unapologetically express yourself.

Self-expression is the most satisfying thing there is. It is why you came to earth. And, it is what the earth and all of us need from you. Your contribution is essential to all of our futures. So we need you. You matter and the most important thing you can do is awaken you innate creativity.

When you do, you will find another treasure, an inexhaustible wellspring of love.

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GP offers dozens of workshops, meditations and courses on his learning platform, The OM School

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