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the Energy of Place

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth." - Rumi

Every place I have ever been has a unique energy about it, kind of an energetic signature. In simple terms, it just feels different, unique, one of a kind.

There is an enormous amount of nuance in the feel of a place. It is as if the land itself has a voice that is absent of and beyond words. It is this energy that gave rise to language after all. It was here first.

There is a voice of the tress, collectively and individually. There is a voice to the earth, the grass, the streams. There is another voice of the manmade objects; the streets, the cars, the metal railings, the homes. And still another voice that is the human being, a vibe voice that precedes words. That feeling you get when you pass someone on the street and you can just feel their openness or their walls, their happiness or their grief.

Stone instead of asphalt

This is, for me, the essence of wandering. When I travel, leave the familiar and plunge into the unknown, I rely more on that feeling sense than on the mind. I have to. I can't rely on language, of course, because, other than a few words, I cannot communicate through words at all. I find myself meandering around most of the time with a big smile on my face.

Mind you, there is a part of me that wants to just go back to the familiar. Fortunately, it is not an influential voice.

It is only in an environment where I have to rely on more subtle senses that those sense come alive. I am taking in the subtle, energetic music that is surrounding me here. Is it better than where I left? Is there some quality that makes it better or worse.?

It depends, of course, on your unit of measurement.

My metric is always love and, using that yardstick (or rather meter stick) it is the same. I find loving, helpful people wherever I go. The willingness to help a stranger seems absolutely universal. So what I mean by better, and how that effects me personally, is simpatico and inspiration.

But there are other similar energetic signatures here. Not so nice.

Case in point, this picture above was, for me, a rather graphic illustration. After walking on that beautiful, cobblestone path I came across this skyscraper. I wish I could capture this building in a picture but looking at it and walking by it, it exuded just a horrible feeling of evil. The massiveness of it, the black color, the shape, the size, it seemed to aggressively impose itself on the landscape like an invading force. It felt a dark occupying force, belonging to the Empire in Star Wars... and indeed it does belong to the Empire. No surprise, it belongs to and is occupied by some international bank.

Eckhart Tolle commented that, when he started writing the "Power of Now", it was just not happening. He was living in England at the time. But he had an inspiration to move to the west coast of North America. When he did, he found the book just pouring out of him. When he would go back to England for any reason, the inspiration just stopped. Returning to the west coast it started flowing again. I have also found that to be true. There are just some places that feel like "Mmmmm I belong here." For me, that means a place where I can write with few distractions and total flow. Perhaps that is what this travel is all about. Perhaps there is more to it than just "I want to go there to live." I can say, that so far, as evidenced by the smile on my face, I appear to be getting closer to "my place".


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