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Can Buddha Pay my Bills?

Spirituality (especially non-dual spirituality) has always seemed to be somehow removed from everyday life. But, if something is really true, it must be true in all places and at all times. It can't just be true in a certain part of life and ignore the rest.

That means, spirituality must have a profound and positive impact on all aspects of our lives. Otherwise it does not deserve the designation as truth.

So what is the essential insight that non-duality brings to everyday life?

All human problems, bar none, arise from not knowing who you really are

We can attempt to address our everyday needs through hard work, massive action, personal development, brain reprogramming or praying to the god of your choice. Or we can look to the one place from which all the rest emerges. How you view yourself determines the entirety of your experience. You cannot experience anything that is outside of your deeply held (and mostly unconscious) beliefs and assumptions. The most deeply held belief you hold is your self-image That and that alone determines every other aspect of our lives. So doesn't it make sense that that is where we should be putting the lion's share of our attention. The path of non-dual spirituality does exactly that. It bypasses all the symptoms and goes right for the root cause. Over the next couple of days I will be putting out some pointers to help you do just that. But, for right now, just ponder this simple statement. You are not who you think you are! the profundity of that short and simple statement cannot be overstated. What if, every single thought, concept, idea or assumption you hold about yourself is not true? Think of the impact that is having on your life. Then, throwing all of those out, who are you?

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