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Angels in the Basement

A Face to Face Meeting with your Disowned Soul

"Knocking on the door, it opens. I have been knocking from inside." - Rumi

In last week's show we talked about "Soul Disconnect" and how it gets created. We decided to keep on with that theme.

Over the last couple of decades, after I came to see how the soul disconnect and its sad consequences came into being, it has become clear that it is not the kind of thing that you get insight into and suddenly all your problems evaporate. It takes time to work your way through the numerous, clever layers of defense the nervous system created to shield you from ever getting access to your soul or your true, natural being.

It's not that it is cruel or enjoys the limits it has placed on you. It is simply totally committed to keeping you safe. So committed that it will go any length to prevent that which has been energetically deemed as dangerous. And, to the traumatized nervous system, being yourself openly is the most dangerous thing there is.

But in this weeks show I want to go into exactly what this remarkable energy of life is protecting. We know why it is protecting it but what exactly is it protecting.

Well it is your soul, but what is that?

Your soul is your true nature, but what is that?

It's who you really are, buried under all the conditioning... but... WHO IS THAT?

Ah, this is where it gets tricky. Your persona I can describe. I can describe your history, your physical appearance, those attributes that make up you visible character. I can describe your circumstances and even some of the inner workings of your mind and emotions. All that can be described but I can't describe your true nature.

Why not?

The reason is quite telling. All your personal characteristic I can describe because they are limited, finite, transient. Trying to describe the real you in terms of your personality traits would be like looking at a couple people and then trying to describe all of humanity. Your persona is small. Your true nature is huge, vast. In fact, it is infinite and how do you describe the infinite.

You don't. So coming back to your true nature, back through the layers of protective coverings, means unveiling yourself a bit at a time.

I coined the term Angels in the Basement and even wrote a short book about it. You can get it for free by Clicking Here, or on the image to the right if you don't have it. The Angels represent all the aspects of the real you.

You see I can't describe you I can only describe the attributes of you. Our lives become constricted and we feel cramped and confined when we believe that that small set of attributes that our parents and other cultural authorities allowed are all there is to us.

The full range and power of your potential for self-expression is limitless. But, due to conditioning and the energy system's extraordinary ability to protect you, you entire life became limited to a very small subset of what is actually available to you. It did this so well, in fact, that you don't even know these other powers exist.

The baby depicted in all Madonna images is the real, originally, innocent you

They do. And, in fact, they have always existed and will always exist. They couldn't be destroyed which is why they had to be hidden.

The winged beings of mythology, those messengers from the divine don't really originate out in some distant heavenly kingdom. They originate in you. They are the messengers of your true self. Like all the other magnificent powers of the real you they have been disowned and so it appears as though they are coming from out there somewhere. They are so beautiful that we assume the place they originate must be extraordinarily beautiful. And it is.

They are messengers from the heavenly kingdom of your own soul, your true nature, the divinity that is your very self. They come as a reminder, an invitation, a gentle coaxing. "Come home. Come home." Every insight, every feeling of love, every ah-ha moment, every impulse to look within, is one of those feathered messengers, dispatched from the basement where the truth of you lies, patiently waiting for you to open the door and release them back in the life that you and they were destined to experience.

And so we engage ourselves in the inner trek, we follow the breadcrumbs of grace, the words of the teacher and the messages of angels, until we find that door, right in the center of our hearts. We knock. It open, never to close again.

"Knocking on the door, it opens. I have been knocking from inside." - Rumi

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