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A Traumatized World

The Desperate Need Is Love

"Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Is it possible for the entire world to become traumatized all at once, like a global PTSD? The answer is an obvious yes. The first step in healing, of course, is to acknowledge that there is a problem, that you are indeed suffering a trauma. The next step is enormous doses of love and acceptance. What Is a Trauma? When we face danger (real or imagined) and our bodies cannot run away from it and cannot fight it, the emotional energy is paralyzed. Essential emotional and neurological systems all shut down and we freeze. This is trauma and it tends to happen most often as children when we are so vulnerable and powerless. The danger may be intense like abuse or it may be more subtle like disinterest or belittlement. But, however it comes, the message is heard loud and clear, "I am not safe." And what is the message we are all hearing and feeling right now? "We are not safe."

Now, this message is not exaggerated. It is not mere hype. Covid, war, climate destabilization, globalization of economies, political unrest, racial tensions, refugees constitute the short list. The threats are real and we have no functioning solution to these looming problems. This my friends is world class and world wide trauma. We have become paralyzed... but not permanently. Yes there is something we can do about it! If I didn't assert that, all I would be doing is contributing to the paralysis. I won't do that.

The Transforming Fire of Love We humans are not helpless. We are the most adaptable beings that have ever existed. Our creativity and resourcefulness know no limits. So how do we unleash a new wave of creative solutions? We will bring ourselves out of this in exactly the same way a child is brought out of the paralysis of trauma. Through consistent, persistent and unconditional love. Love does not require a global movement (although it can create one). It only requires a majority of one, the critical mass of a single soul. And that single soul is you.

  • Every time you forget yourself in any act of kindness however small you have lit the fire of love

  • Every time you sacrifice a desire to benefit the whole you have lit the fire of love

  • Every time you confront power with wisdom you have lit the fire of love

  • Every responsible purchase made

  • Every act of reconciliation

  • Every attempt to find common ground

  • Every time you at least try to understand rather than take a position

  • You have lit the fire of love

Transmuting fear into love is the most revolutionary act of alchemy there is. You need not get a media platform, start a mass movement or run for political office. You only need to be the change you long to see in the world and the change we all long to see is love! Be love! Join myself and host/producer Lisa Berry for the next episode of "The Flow" every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern time. at or in the private facebook group

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