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Mini Meditations are a collections of short, meditative reminders of who you are and your authentic, gentle and powerful relationship with your life and cicumstances.


Each varies from 2.5 to 3.5 minutes and addresses a specific subject. I have also included two pieces of music that I used for the introduction music and the background during the meditations.


00 Introduction

01 Just Say OK

02 The Solution Is Already Here

03 This Is Your Time

04 Feeling Your Body

05 There Is Always a Solution

06 Defocused Attention

07 Attending to the Body

08 The Silence Is Always Happening

09 Doing Is Not What I Am

10 The Quiet Observer

11 Check Out for a Moment

12 Being Nobody

13 The Answer Always Comes

14 Things Come Things Go

15 Natural Stillness

16 Still Loving


Mini Meditations Volume 2

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