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You Must Love Yourself First

And Other B.S. Ideas About Love

For some strange reason, we always want to put limits and prerequisites on love, as if it were some sort of business transaction.

Actually it isn't a strange reason at all. To love fully and unapologetically has always pushed us beyond the borderline of "acceptable" behavior. One of the mot beautiful things about love is that is doesn't obey any rules. In that sense it is always a revolutionary force. It is always a disruption to the status quo. Too often, in our unbridled exuberance of youth we express ourselves with an intensity that is quite uncomfortable for The Tribe. Thus our natural capacity to love and express that love, gets suppressed. And, inevitably, we blame, not the environment in which we had to survive, but ourselves, assuming it to be our own flawed being. Out of this energy of suppression and self hiding comes ideas like "You can't love anyone until you love yourself." In actual fact the need is to let ourselves love, in every and any way we can. Sometimes it will not be well received, just as it often wasn't when we were little. And that will sting. But it will also be welcomed... really welcomed by those who also long to have their hearts opened so that love can pour out of them. While conditions in childhood determined whether it is safe or not to love openly and completely, love, as the very nature of every being, remains intact and inviolate.

But, there is something to be cautioned against. We can and do develop unhealthy dependencies, which is not actually love at all. In fact, it is the exact opposite. It is the fear of love. That is, the fear of being seen, the fear of being exposed, the fear of being unlovable, the fear of not being enough.

This fear is what is to be transcended... but how?.

Come to see the simple reality. You are Love. It is your nature. Come to see that and the question of self-love will be answered forever.

I did an entire video on this subject. Click on the video to watch it on my YouTube channel.

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