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You Do Have Something To Give - And It Is Really, Really Valuable

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"Precious jewel, you glow, you shine, reflecting all the good things in the world, just look at you" - Maya Angelou

Every now and then I need to remind anyone who happens to run across my writing that there is an inherent value to you that is so unique that you should be regarded as a very rare commodity, maybe even a precious gem.

Do you realize that, never before in all time has anyone ever existed that was like you. And, stretching as far out in the eternal future, no one will ever exist like you.

This is a simple fact but, for most of us, the idea of having a truly valuable, personal worth is a nice idea, a lovely spiritual thought, but not an actual experience of everyday life. In deed, we are bombarded with exactly the opposite message almost constantly. Special or valuable is a word reserved for those geniuses or extraordinary athletes or some artist or musician or even some reality show star that doesn't really do much of anything.

You are the most precious of jewels

But me?

The fact that we have inadvertently created a whole society that does not honor individual value doesn't mean that that inherent value doesn't exist. It does. But the fact that we live at a time of enormous pressure to conform is all the more reason to discover and cultivate the great miracle of your individual value.

You will not automatically believe me. In fact, although you really, really want to believe me, you won't. To make this momentous discovery will require three things:

  1. Faith

  2. Courage

  3. Sangha

Faith is primary because if you don't believe that it is at least possible that there is way more to you than you had been taught to believe, then you will never put it to the test. Courage is a necessity because you will have to challenge a whole host of beliefs that you were taught about you. And the thing is, the beliefs you were taught were enforced with fear. You had to believe that you were a miserable sinner. If you didn't you would receive an unthinkable punishment. When you challenge these deep seated beliefs, you will confront a real army of demons.

The need for Sangha, a community of supportive seekers

Sangha, (community of true seekers), cannot be over emphasized. In the beginning of this spiritual journey back to the realize of our original wholeness, we need others to confirm and verify our discoveries and efforts. No one can self-validate in the beginning. So, to be a part of a community of those on the same path, makes walking on that path a joy, even a celebration.

But there is another dimension to this subject of self-valuing. In the process of finding one's worth you discover who you really are. We diminish ourselves because we do not know ourselves.

We hold self-images that are simply not true and thus have experiences of ourselves that have no basis in fact.

This is the extraordinary nature of the human experience. I experience what I believe. Our deeply held believes literally shape the whole of our every moment experience. Change that belief to a better belief and your whole life improves. Exchange that belief for the truth of you and your becomes the very manifestation of truth. And since truth is not belief and therefore doesn't change you have planted yourself on the sold, changeless ground of infinite value.

What has more value than the truth? And so, who has more value than one who knows themselves.

You are an individual expression of the infinite truth. For me that is a fact. That means you have value beyond anything that could ever be described or conceived. And, since the world is in need of you, not as a cookie cutter creation of a blind society, but as your true self, the inquiry that leads to the self-discovery that leads to the highest self-valuing, should be the primary goal and activity of us all.

Nothing you could ever accomplish or achieve, no amount of wealth or success, no amount of accumulated knowledge can compare to the satisfaction of knowing your own inherent value. Yes, my dear friend, you do have something of inestimable value to give, and that gift is yourself.


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