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The Unfolding Perfection of Self

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious." - Rumi

"What did you look like before your parents were born." - Zen Koan

"You are a teacher of non-duality. You say you know who you are. Why are you trying to discover yourself?" Don't you already know.

Yes, I do. I do know that changeless essence that is the reality of being. I know it to be a fact for me and I know it to be a fact for you. But is this profound discovery the end? Is it like the answer to a questionnaire or school exam?... Ok you got the answer now, nothing left to do. Hopefully you have a good supply of books and magazines.

Notice that, for all the similarity, nothing is ever really the same

Being is not static! Infinite being is... well... infinite... Discovery of Infinite Life and discovery of the nature, character, desires and interests of the human being are not a contradiction to nor are they in conflict with the the timeless reality. In fact, they are one. Every moment calls froth some hidden and unseen quality. It is aways the interaction that creates the event. Unfathomable numerous causes and dimensions com together to make this moment happen.

Non-duality marries you to the mystery of it all. It is a realization that the mind cannot possible grasp the wonder of it. And so we abandon our vain attempts to domesticate the infinite. It is as untamable as it is unknowable. Consider this odd statement, "COMPLETE YET CONTINUING!" How can we fathom such a thing? How can something be complete, perfect, cannot be improved on and yet evolves, grows an unfolds yet another moment of completeness and perfection?

Consider a master work of music. From the introduction of the main theme, through dozens and sometimes hundreds of variations, modulations, orchestrations, that one, oftentimes extremely simple motif (consider the 4 notes of Beethoven's 5th symphony) every moment of it is perfect. In fact, the perfection one moment absolutely relies on the perfection of the moment preceded it.

An old, independent bookstore, its perfection has not been surpassed

Complete, perfect, awe inspiring and yet continuing.

What we all have come to believe is that our growth, evolution or development is:

  • FROM an imperfect, lacking, not-enough or less-than state

  • TO some functionally better and hopefully improved state, maybe even an ultimate heaven of perfection

But I am asserting a very different perspective on the same phenomenon we all experience.

It has happened to you. You are working on something and it comes to fruition or some blessing or gift comes out of nowhere to make a wonderful difference in your life and you exclaim "Oh, this is perfect." Then time passes and something else shows up and we exclaim the same thing.

We always assume that perfection is the place we are headed and never the place we came from. But I am suggest that is not what is happening at all. We are NOT moving towards a state of greater perfection or some ideal state. WE ARE EVOLVING FROM PERFECTION.

From the opening statement of the melodic motif (in the case of us that is the fact of being) to the final tonic chord that signals the ned of this symphony and the beginning of a new one (any life transition), we are moving from one manifest perfection to another.

You ARE prefect now. It is not some state you achieve or are graced with at some future time or place. It is the reality of now. If even the possibility of this statement being true is regarded merely as a possibility and an exploration of it honestly engaged in, it will begin to show itself to you.

You are now and forever, the perfect, pristine, infinitely wonder expression of Being. You are the motif, the development and the dramatic climax of the entire symphony and, mysteriously you are also the composer. And not a single not has ever been out of place or less than divine.


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