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The Trickster God

When Life Just Doesn't Cooperated

Life really does seem to have a sense of humor doesn't it? Well, oftentimes it is a cruel joke, the humor of which totally escapes you. In mythology the Trickster holds a unique place in the constellation of gods or archetypes.But there isn't some mischievous super being up there somewhere taking great pleasure in thwarting your best efforts.

The Trickster is a reminder that it is we who need to harmonize with life. Life is under no obligation to conform to our wishes. But, despite the fact that we would prefer everything to fall into lockstep with our preferences, there is a deep wisdom in the Trickster. This archetype of life is the invitation (or more often the offer you can't refuse) to step out of your comfort zone. And what lies outside of the narrow boundaries of our comfort? Nothing less than your creative genius. Do you want more out of life? Do you want to step into a bigger role? Do you want to make a bigger difference? Then you have to become more. But, we cannot become more on our own. The force of our love of creature comforts is simply too powerful. To become more then, you have to allow life to put you into circumstances that will bring that about the evolutionary leap that you seek. The Trickster is actually your best friend but, to our preference for ease, it appears to be exactly the opposite. He is quite tricky after all and Tricky Dick can show up as:

  • A lost job

  • A broken relationship

  • A failed business

  • An investment that goes south

  • A scammer taking advantage of you

  • Any number of unpleasant setbacks and failures

  • Anything that causes you to take stock of things and reach for resources you would have otherwise known that you had

All that is required to transform the Trickster into the Bestower of Boons is a willingness to lay aside your ideas as to how things should be and let yourself become open to your potential. Zen mind is beginner's mind. This is easier said than done for sure. We have been trained to remain small and powerless. But the Trickster God has no intention of allowing you to be less than you are. And, deep down, you know that is what you want. So bring on the tricks! Join GP Walsh and host/producer Lisa Berry for the next episode of "The Flow" every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern time. at or in the private facebook group

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