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The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Transforming the system from the inside out

“They must find it difficult, they who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.” - Gerald Massey, Historian

Recently I and my producer Lisa were asked to contribute a chapter to a book titles "The Magnetic Entrepreneur - The Spiritual CEO." At first, it felt a bit odd. But I decided to give it a shot anyway.

What wisdom can I offer to someone who is seeking to create something new in the world? Someone who wants to deliver an important message or help people live fuller and more meaningful lives, but finds themselves bogged down in "the business."

It is true that business, as it has come to be practiced almost everywhere in the world, does not have the best interests of all humanity as its focal point. Yes, as someone with deeply spiritual motivations, we have little choice but to participate in a system that is, quite frankly, the antithesis of what we stand for.

While there is a well promoted image of the entrepreneur as an aggressive, go-getter, sacrificing everything for success and being lauded in Forbes magazine or the Shark Tank, that is, in fact, a significant minority. Truth is, anyone who works for themselves, in any capacity, is an entrepreneur. From the hairdresser to the founder of a budding tech company, from the piano teacher to the inventor in their garage, being the head of your own enterprise is entrepreneurship.

So how do we keep our business aligned with our highest spiritual aspirations?

Well first off, the desire to do something on your own is itself a spiritual pursuit. At its base it is a manifestation of the desire for freedom, which is the motivation for all spiritual inquiry and activity. The challenge is keeping that essential motivation when engaged in a world for which business has nothing to do with spiritual pursuits. But isn't that always the spiritual challenge, to transform any environment in which we find ourselves and not let that environment influence us.

It is not possible in our modern world, to avoid direct engagement with "business" and the dominant obsession with profit that has infected it. But perhaps we can be the curative that heals that disease of the mind and maybe even the vaccine that prevents any further infection.

Then, whatever business you may be doing, you will be doing the business of healing and uplifting humanity.


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