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The Shape of Water

Mind, Conditioning and Consciousness

"Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere." - Poem from the film, The Shape of Water

One of the difficulties of being a spiritual teacher is I can talk about what is true directly. I can't point to something and say there it is.

Lacking this, I am forced into the use of similes, metaphors, stories, inferences, parables. One such metaphor I like to use is the shape of water. Water is an amazing substance. If you think about it for just a little bit you find it to be totally mysterious.

  • It sustains and is a necessity for all life. yet it is transparent

  • It is easily seen through yet it bends light

  • It is soft and light to the touch, yet it can carve a canyon in solid granite

  • It takes the shape of whatever container is is put in and yet it has no shape of its own

And so it serves as a perfect metaphor for consciousness.

  • You can see it it yet through it you see everything else

  • Without it you simply don't exist

  • It perceives all light and even the subtlest of substances, space itself

  • It is undetectable to the senses yet there is nothing without it

It too takes the shape of whatever environment it finds itself in and, in the most mysterious of transformations, stays in that shape, even when the environment has changed. This is the nature of the conditioning that we all struggle with. All the emotional and psychological problems, limitations, struggles have all a risen from consciousness, temporarily confined in a particular container and then forgetting that is as free as water.

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