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The Problem Is the Solution the problem... and so on

"There is no obstacle on your path. The obstacle IS the path." - Zen Saying What is a problem now was once a solution. All existence is a flow, a constantly morphing kaleidoscope, moving seamlessly from one form into another. Where one "thing" ends and another "thing" begins is utterly impossible to determine. Everything is a flow! That is why we named the show, "The Flow." This applies to every aspect of life, from the most esoteric to the most mundane. It even applies to money and the whole idea of wealth.

The quality of our life experience doesn't appear in a vacuum. There is never a perfect set of circumstances that allow for the ideal thing to happen. Life is way more messy than that. The moment a choice is made a trajectory is set in motion. Even a tiny, seemingly insignificant decision can cascade into a totally different life than you had planned or maybe even wanted. And yet, it may have been the best (or perhaps the only) option available.

The perfect solution in this moment, becomes a life altering problem in the next

I know you are not going to like hearing this but, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. This is simply the way it is. We love living under the illusion that we are the captains of our destiny, but that is totally delusional. We are the participants in a vast cosmic dance. So you might as well learn the steps. What to do then? Simple:

  • Harmonize with the flow

  • Let go of the idea that you can control the destiny of life

  • Be open to the utter mystery of it

  • Embrace the surprises

  • Grieve the losses

  • Learn to dance

  • Love the journey

That is all you can do and is all you need to live a perpetually happy life now and be open to the next when it comes. Join GP Walsh and host/producer Lisa Berry for the next episode of "The Flow" every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern time. at or in the private facebook group

You can watch the original show right here!

Or, for you podcast lovers. go to Spotify to download the episode as a podecast and subscribe

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