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The Mythology of the Big Bang

The Rejoining of the Many to the One

"Everything is a metaphor"

The Big bang is a beautiful metaphor. I am quite skeptical of it as an actual fact, but as a metaphor, it is extraordinary.

Everything in the universe began with a singularity. That singularity is one without a second. There is no cause or effect. There is no time or space. Nothing exists except the pure potential for countless universes which can spring uncaused from a motionless point. It bursts. Without provocation or intent, the indivisible divides itself. The one becomes many and all of itself flies out, faster than light into the unknown.

As it flies away from the now empty point of origin, it gathers, combines. The nature of that essential oneness, which we now call gravity, pulls the unformed bits into countless structures, all carrying the essential nature, the DNA of the singular source. The further away from that source, the more diverse and complex those forms become They take on lives of their own. They become universes in their own right, with their own centers, their own organization, their own spinning satellites with their own sun center. Eventually we arrive that time and space that you and I call now, that you and I peer into and wonder at. Long forgotten is the mother oneness from which we sprang and whose nature we still carry. And so all of the mind numbingly varied activity of body and mind play in the dark, forgetful of the womb from which we have sprung. But then the whole explosion of one into many seems to awaken to itself. It turns and begins to head back to the center. The metaphor turns around, time reverses and, without needing to travel the billions of light years from where we originated, thought traveling faster than light, the many immediately makes the leap from the periphery to the center and recognizes the essence that is still manifesting in all the multifarious forms that are seen and touched.

The oneness is reborn and every impulse within every individual being is pulled back into the center as the essence is rediscovered. This reversal of time has come to only relative few so far. Yet, when i look around I see the signs of it everywhere. The DNA of Mother One, the womb of all Buddhas, is silently asserting herself, like the orphan meeting their biological parent, we orphans of form are being called back to the cosmic mother. You are feeling this accelerating contraction of the diversity of forms back into the oneness of essence. And, just like it was inevitable that that Big Bang would create all this, even so is it inevitable that all this will once again merge back into the singularity from which it came in the one cosmic breath. Welcome home to the home you never left.

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