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The Age of Woman ~ The Age of Balance

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Imagine what would happen if suddenly the majority of the weight of the earth concentrated itself in Australia. This beautiful spinning ball would be a ball no more.

We would shake uncontrollably, leveling everything we had ever built. Our dear planet would make quick exit of the "Goldilocks Zone" and we would all either meet our fate in the fire of the sun or wander lifelessly and endlessly through the darkness. Such is the nature of imbalance. Even your tires being a bit out of balance can be quite costly. In short, imbalance flirts with disaster. Maybe not immediately but eventually, inevitably, it meets a chaotic fate. We are in the middle of such an imbalance right this minute and have been for the last 12 thousand years or so. The imbalance we are now suffering from is the Imbalance of the Gender Energy. Our earthy hunter/gatherer ancestors had no such imbalance. They were in harmony with the earth, with nature and so we were in balance with each other. There was no hierarchy with one gender at the apex. But something began to shift with the advent of agriculture, city-states and the emphasis on property and ownership. The masculine aspect of humanity started to become dominant and with it came hierarchy and concentrations of power with emphasis on order, obedience and dominance. We fell out of balance and, like the earth spinning out of control, the chaos we are currently experiencing has been a direct result of having unwittingly slipped from the "Goldilocks Zone" of energetic balance. This is such a huge subject and so critical for the time we are living in I will be discussing in several upcoming emails. The next one will be called "Redefining Relationship" so look for it in your inbox. In the meantime, check out the description and course outline of the new workshop I am doing to address this essential subject.

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