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Shiva's Dance

"All the gods and goddesses, all the angels and devils, are all you." - Joseph Campbell

Shiva is the Hindu god associated with destruction. But, oddly enough, that is only in his masculine aspect. In the feminine aspect it is Shakti, the goddess of manifestation that dances on death. The constellation of gods and goddesses that populate Hindu mythology are not there as personal powers to be loved, feared or worshiped. The most important thing to ponder, whenever hearing about these ancient archetypes or looking at the stunning artwork, is they all represent you.They are merely representations of that transcendence, which is the ultimate reality and can't really be put into words.

And you are that! To quote the Ribhu Gita, "Everything is the supreme being, which is being, consciousness, bliss. And you are that." This is the great mystery and the profound meaning of the dance of Shiva/Shakti. And so, these powerful truths, expressed in metaphor, story and image, all to point you back to no one but you. So what is the grand meaning of the god/goddess who dances on skulls, plays with snakes, consorts time and eternity and who's famous wheel rolls on through the endless cycle of birth and death, and the timeless moment of liberation from that? The spiritual journey is not to some distant destination or some special state of consciousness. It is not another dimension or idyllic paradise. It is a realization of what has always been. It is the discovery of what is! And what is, is you!

We live in materialistic times. This materialism has infected every aspect of human life. In the realm of spirituality or religion that materialism manifests itself as literalism and an insistence of factual history. This ignornace completely distorts the essential truth of all the greatest stories of all time. It reduces them to platitudes and obsolete cultural values. Values that no longer serve humanity but bind it in chains.

I invite you into a new perspective, to speak in a new tongue and to hear with the ears of a mystic. The stories of all time and all cultures are only a mirror reflecting the infinitely subtle, yet infinitely powerful, unchanging truth. Again as Joseph Campbell put it. "All the gods, all the goddesses, all the heaves, all the hells, all the angels, all the devils, are all within you."

You are Shiva's dance. Your are Shakti's grace. Your life is the pulsing rhythm of eternity. In your chest is the heartbeat of the cosmos.

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