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Self-Compassion & the Yoga of Allowing

The asana of listening to Yourself

“Life works in a very simple way. Resist it less and allow it unfold the way it wants. Use your power of allowing.” - Raphael Zernoff

Probably most of you reading this will have done a yoga class. You may even do them regularly. Yoga is a beautiful word that literally means "to yoke" or "to union" You are binding yourself, bonding yourself with something. And, in the case of the yogas, that is bonding with or becoming one with your own, true, original nature.

Self-acceptance seems to be the hardest thing in the world to do. But I would like to give you an exercise to help. I call this exercises (and others like it) "The Yoga of Allowing."

Total self-acceptance is impossible to achieve all at once. Like most things that transform us at a fundamental level, it requires practice, persistence and a clear path to follow that starts with exercises simple enough that it is impossible to fail.

Rather than put it into words on "paper" I thought I would simply do a Yoga of Allowing practice right here.

This video is exercise 11 of the Yoga of Allowing audio course. You can get the whole thing here if you find it to be of value CLICK HERE.


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