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The Power of Mind - Part 1 - Power, Money & Love

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"We instinctively feel that the world exists ‘out there’, independent of the mind that perceives it, but in reality the world in which we live is merely a projection of our mind." - Buddha

Over the next several blogs I am going to explore what can seem like a rather esoteric subject, the Power of Mind and its equally esoteric cousin, the Nature of Perception.

As I have been preparing to teach my upcoming course "Tapping On Money Through the Chakras" (click here to learn more) I was ruminating over how little the Power of Mind and the nature of perception is understood. And thus how little power we have direct access to in our lives. Believe me, I definitely 2nd guessed my decision to name it that (and 3rd, 4th, 5th... guessed myself). I mean, in the title alone are three subjects that can be controversial:

  1. Tapping (a.k.a. EFT) - the technique that claims you can relieve and even cure a wide variety of ailments simply by tapping on various part of your body with your fingers

  2. Chakras - a new age staple that has believers going on about colored underwear and crystal bowls and skeptics everywhere rolling their eyes

  3. Money - a contentious subject that can even get every email I send, that mentions the workshop's title, sent to spam purgatory

The Power of Mind is freely available to all, but there is a price to pay, namely your ego

The Power of Mind has been well understood for a very long time, well understood but not generally understood.

I first encountered it back in the late 1960's but it predated my coming across it by millennia. I was completely entranced by this powerful perspective and was even a metaphysical healer for many years, practicing healing by its light. I saw its power but, as time went on, I also saw its rather stringent demands and its numerous potential pitfalls. Long before it got my attention, this knowledge was known and practiced by advanced yogis and spiritual teachers. But, if you wanted to learn and master this power, you would have to serve such a teacher for 12 years before they would even begin to share the first bit with you.

This was not something that was meant to be taught as a weekend seminar or YouTube video series. And why is that? Because this is a power that:

  • Requires a level of morality that must be cultivated over time and with proper training

  • Requires a completely different way of thinking that the selfish mind can not possibly grasp

  • Requires a cultivated self-restraint, for as this power is gained, the temptation to use it for selfish purposes increases dramatically

Before the Power of Mind can be realized the mind must first be restrained and subjugated. It must be freed from the grip of the selfish ego. This is the great liberation that is talked about in genuine spirituality and it is the prerequisite for exercising the power that comes with it.

Quan Yin

Now this is not an all or nothing undertaking. It is not that you have to completely eradicate the ego before some of this power can become yours to use. In fact, the use of this power begins to flow to the exact degree that you cultivate these two noble qualities:

  1. The understanding of mind as thought and perception

  2. The heart of spiritual Love

The first power that has to be cultivated is the Power of Love. It is only this power that can subjugate the otherwise unruly mind. It is only Love that liberates from the ego. And it is only love that is fit to hold the reigns of the Power of Mind. These two combined make up the Divine Yin Yang, Wisdom and Compassion.

Do remember, that whether the mind is disciplined or not it is still powerful. The question isn't whether or not your mind is powerful. It is whether it is serving you or sabotaging you.

Kannon, Kanzeon, Quan Yin, the goddess who appears in the picture to the left and is also known by many other names, is the consummate image of the perfect unity of Wisdom and Compassion. She is the goddess of both, pouring out unending blessings from the vial of unconditional love in her right hand.

It is she who subjugates the ego mind and harnesses its power for good.

So, what does all of this have to do with a workshop on money, meridian tapping and chakras?

A lot really.

As Buddha makes clear in the opening quote I selected:

"We instinctively feel that the world exists ‘out there’, independent of the mind that perceives it,

but in reality the world in which we live is merely a projection of our mind." - Buddha

The current state of our world is our collective state of mind, nothing more and nothing less. So it is here, within the privacy of your own mind that the effort for world redemption and salvation be accomplished. In other words, your relationship with the God of this World must be purified and liberated.

And the God of this World is Money.


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