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Personal Realization Part 2 - The Self

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

"According to what I teach, Mahamati, nirvana means... letting everything go in favor of attaining the personal realization of buddha knowledge." - Buddha

This statement by the Buddha, as far as I know, appears in only one Sutra. And, bear in mind, there are approximately 48,000 sutras. So, why is this one so different and puts forth a phrase that seems to appear nowhere else?

I wonder if you would be willing to consider the possibility that you simply exist. Not as this thing or that thing, this person or that person. Not as a static form, but as a something impossible to describe.

Perhaps if we were to drop the insistence of a fixed being and, like Luke and Darth take on a fictional character, we too could wander through planets and tapestries far and near. We are limited only by our minds, by the ideas we hold of ourselves, not recognizing that they are only ideas

When you, personally, individually, right here recognize this. This is the personal realization of that limitless self. In Buddhism it is called Buddha nature. In Hinduism it is the Brahma Self or Shiva Being. In mystic Christianity it is the Godhead. All mere ideas, names, pointers to the great, mysterious, infinite, timeless field of being.

I am

Full stop



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