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An Open Letter to my Group

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Called and Chosen

"Having never left the house you are asking for the way home." - Nisargadatta Maharaj

The spiritual path is unique calling. It IS a calling because no one ever really chooses it. It may sound funny to say that but I invite you to take a look.

Wander back in your memory to that time when spirituality started to get your attention. You may not have even recognized it as spirituality at the time.

  • It may have been a desire for more in your life and you suddenly had the feeling that it was possible

  • It may have been an annoying feeling that something was off and you decided to stretch yourself rather than just suppressing it

  • It may have been something you heard or read by some luminary

  • It may have been a book given to you out of the blue

  • It could even have been a spontaneous feeling of wellbeing or oneness

If you look closely I am sure you will find that it was a spontaneous event. You didn't created it. You didn't make some logical choice. You simply found your interest drawn to it. And in a relatively short time, you were hooked. There was no

going back.

My first experience that so transformed my life that nothing was the same after that, was a completely unsought event. I was not seeking anything spiritual, at least I wasn't on a conscious level. I was seeking relief from a great deal of suffering although, like most of us, I assumed that it would be found in some improved condition, which for me was being a rock star... so much for that.

The real answer to my suffering came with such force and authority that I couldn't help but see the truth of it.

Now, before you get the idea that somehow our spiritual journey has to start with a great bang, full of colored lights and singing angels, let me be clear. If that was all it was it would not have lasted. That first dramatic opening was followed by a long series of quite undramatic ones and some extremely difficult times that forced my growth by forcing me to surrender my will (the ego) for His will (the Truth).

It is because the spiritual path is not something we humans actually choose that makes me so hopelessly optimistic. I know each and everyone of you is well on the way to full awakening with everything that includes. I KNOW THIS! Why? Because you did not choose this path. IT CHOSE YOU!

Imagine an inner tube from a car tire floating out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What are the odds of a turtle surfacing and putting his head right in the middle of that tube? Astronomical, right? Well, Buddha once said that the odds of being born a human are far less than that.

Moreover he said that, having been born a human, the odds of that someone hearing the dharma (the teaching of the truth) in that lifetime was even less. But wait there's more. Having heard the dharma, the odds of that someone actually taking it in and practicing it and living it were even less. And yet, my dear friends, that is exactly where you find yourself.

Over countless lifetimes you have been cultivated and energized, you have surrendered ego in small and large ways, you have served humbly and ruled kindly and at last found yourself born as a human who has heard the truth, taken it into their hearts and is sincerely seeking its fulfillment.

Behind your actions and all the events of your life there is a momentum that has been building for innumerable lifetimes. So take heart. When something in your life seems to be oppressive, unjust or incongruous, recognize that it is exactly as it is suppose to be. Accept the moment as it comes and do your best to let go of your story about it.

If I may, I would like to tell you a story about the Hindu Avatar Rama. Rama was the first of the major avatars in India. For those of you who don't know, an avatar is not the character you choose for the video game. That was actually derived from its original meaning. It was quite literally a god who took human form (in this case it was the Hindu God Vishnu), lived a human life and did miracles and spectacular deeds.

Rama was one of those, an incarnation of the God Vishnu. Living long ago, he was a man of the forest and, like all folks back then he was an archer and was always in possession of his bow and arrows.

One day Rama was wandering through the forest, doing whatever it is that God/men do, when he stopped by a quiet stream to refresh himself. He took off his bow and laid it and the arrows down on the ground while he drank from the stream, cooled his face and laid down to rest. When he got up to leave and collect his things, as he picked up his arrows he noticed a little bit of blood on the tip of one of them.

He kneeled down, wiped some leaves away and there, laying on the ground was a little frog with a bleeding gash it its head.

"Little frog," said Rama, "why did you not cry out to me in your distress?"

My Lord, I always cry out to you in all of my distress" he replied, "but, when you are the cause of that distress, to whom do I cry out? I accept it as your will."

"Many are called but few are chosen" we read in scripture. I can say with great certainty that you have been both called and chosen. And it is a great honor and privilege to be able to walk with you along this noble path of spiritual awakening. So, when you backslide, fail, feel fear, disillusionment, inadequacy, when one moment you are one with the universe and the next in the pit of despair, take heart. Your destiny is set and this very circumstance, which may feel unbearable, is the very crucible in which this golden transformation can occur.

From another wise sage. "Fear not little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.'"

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