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No Self All Self

“You are not you but you are Him and there is no you.” - Balyani

When I walk it is the totality walking

Every cell takes that step

Every cell makes that step possible

Every molecule and atom is the Shiva dance

When I sing it is the birds, the flowers and the ocean floor singing

Could this voice ever be raised

Were it not for them?

Were do I find this self I so cling to?

Am I the pumping of blood?

The cycle and recycle of O2 and CO2?

The delicious meal I had last evening?

The coffee I sip as I write?

Am I the the neuron and synapse?

The thoughts that move the fingers that strike the keys?

Which transformed into the electric world of CPU, RAM, spinning disks

Guided though countless passageways

And endless Yes/No questions

Finally find their way to you

Then through yet another inconceivably complex set of functions

Each itself the result of unfathomable history

Finally form a word thought in you

So whose thought is it?

Is it mine?

Or is it the unknown inventors of language?

A thought appears

But not without the creation of countless neuro-structures

Each a moment in time

A flash in infinite continuity

Never still, never resting as a thing

So where is the self

Is it in the thought "I am?"

This momentary eruption of beginning-less piece parts

Singing together for a lengthy nanosecond

To form the fleeting "I am"

There is no self but all self

I is We

We is the totality

I is the moment


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