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My Useless Life

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself." - Rumi

The caption that goes with the image I use as my logo for this blog series is quite telling and captures the whole spirit of this quite unnecessary, even useless, endeavor of mine. "Zhuangzi contemplates a waterfall"

Is there any great need to contemplate water falling over a cliff?

  • Does it serve any practical purpose?

  • Does it increase your portfolio?

  • Does it put food on the table or fuel in the car?

  • Does it create version 10 of whatever that gadget is?

Satsang at night took some getting used to

Zhuangzi is doing nothing, accomplishing nothing, contributing nothing. In a word he is useless. And there is no greater compliments you could pay a Taoist or a Zen Buddhist than to say to them "You are useless." "I have no use for myself" the master Nisargadatta Maharaj quipped. "Others may have use of me according to their faith." When I look back across the 7 decades of my wandering this earth I can say, with a glad and grateful heart, I was truly useless. True, I spent many of those decades trying to find my worth, assert my purpose, claim my value on the world scene. But what had had a momentary value, with its subsequent rewards, quickly faded into obscurity not long after. And, as I look at it most honestly I find that the value (or lack thereof) was never mine. It was always in the eye of the beholder.

What remains of the Roman aqueducts

Others had use of me, according to their own needs and desires. And many still do. For that I will be always available, until the wandering ends for good.

I am after all just a manifestation of one's faith, the appearance in time of the timeless that lives in each of us. As such, I am always available. Being useless, a nobody on the world stage, a dash separating two dates on a stone before the 2nd date is known, was always my destiny, as it is yours. Surely this moment does seem to have need of us. Like children, it is filled with promise and desire. But the fulfillment of those needs and desires doesn't ever come from some wandering n'er do well. All hungers have always been fed from the same fountain from which they arose. This is the great mystery of the non-dual. Desire and fulfillment, beginning and end, birth and death, masculine and feminine, the enlightened and the deluded, the sage and the fool have always been one.

And the greatest mystery of all is that you are that One. So you too are wandering. Perhaps you know that now. Perhaps that is a discovery that, for you, is yet to be made. But when that discovery is made you will burst open with a great laugh that will echo through valleys. You will swallow the ocean in a single gulp. You will be Shiva dancing and you will wander no more.

You will join Zhuangzi and myself and we will contemplate the waterfall together.

A Workshop on a Subject that is on

Everyone's Top 3 List

After a bit of deliberation, noticing the direction the world is going and feeling how pretty much everyone is feeling quite a bit of insecurity about the future, I decided to address this subject directly.

And so...

Thursday, January 13, at 2pm EST / 7pm UTC

I will be exploring our perceptions of the green stuff, it's meaning, our inner conflicts and how to come into right relationship with it.

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