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Mind/Body Continuum

It's All One Thing

“Learn to read symptoms not only as problems to be overcome but as messages to be heeded.” - Gabor Maté!

Body IS Mind - Mind IS Body If a guitar plays its lowest note and then plays its highest note, is it not the same instrument? Are they not both just a different singing of the same source?

So it is with the body and mind. They are different notes of the same scale, different waves of the same ocean, different vibrations of the same instrument, different aspects of the same consciousness. Yes, they are all consciousness. Like all color is a different vibration of light, all forms are just different vibrations of consciousness. The mind, as an instrument of memory and temporary organization, distorts the actual oneness of all things. It creates borders where there are none. Like the borders between countries, the boundaries of mind/body/emotion are only in the mind. Because it is incapable of seeing the invisible field of oneness from which everything emerges, it mistakes the countless faces of eternity for separate, isolated things.

We are all different faces on the very same One Soul. It is popular today to think that thoughts create feelings. Hold the thought to generate the feeling to manifest the sensation or thing. I beg to disagree. That is like trying to say the circle begins at some point on the circle. It is a continuum. It has no beginning or end point. Thought, feeling and sensation are one. Experience starts at no particular point in this triad, just as no song originates in the piano. From the piano's viewpoint, when any one key is touched, the entire instrument vibrates. The one who has touched it, to the piano, remains forever a mystery. It is an invisible hand, stroking the keys, bringing the instrument to life. We do not refer to the piano as the key/string/soundboard thing. It is piano. It is one. Even so the body/mind/emotion continuum or singularity, is simply life. It is one. And to that one, like the piano, the identity of the hands that vibrate it into expression, will remain a mystery. Join myself and host/producer Lisa for the next episode of "The Flow" every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern time. at or in the private facebook group

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