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Times Have Changed... and Accelerated

Gone are the days of specialized teachers, gurus, esoteric knowledge holders and the elite class, dispensing wisdom from on high. Existential truth has become the necessary field of investigation of all of us.

Compressed within the skull of every human on the planet is the most complex and sophisticated instrument ever created. There is nothing like it in the entire universe. And you have one. We all do

I have spent much of my life as a spiritual teacher because I believed that it was within the purview of everyone of us to explore the outer boundaries (or lack thereof) of reality.

We all live within the narrow confines of assumptions and limitations that have remained in place only because they have remained unscrutinized. These assumptions literally control every aspect of our lives. They exist on multiple levels personal, cultural and even universal or transcultural.

They were imposed on us from the beginning. Not that someone knowingly imposing them, some evil magician or the illuminati. The imposers themselves were living in the dream of unquestioned presumptions. So there isn't even any guilty party. Yet we are all living with the consequences.

Since we are all living with the consequences, it behooves us all to take responsibility for them. So I propose we move the discussion of the nature of reality out of the universities and ashrams and monasteries and into the kitchen. Into your kitchen. Out of the realm of the exceptional and into the everyday realm of our ordinary life.

After all, these unchallenged assumptions and beliefs are influencing our lives today, right now. They are determining the quality of experience, right now. So pull up a chair at the Mystic Kitchen table. Grab a coffee or a tea and let us ponder together the deepest questions and mysteries there are.

Let us also accept a basic premise of this exploration, a very important premise and that is this. You do have the inner resoucrces, the capacity and the authority to explore the actual nature of the universe.


Because that is what you are.

And who is a better authority on you than you!

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