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Karmic Vows

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Sacred Contracts with Yourself

“If you're really a mean person you're going to come back as a fly and eat poop.” ― Kurt Cobain

The most difficult, tenacious and subtle of all the unconscious beliefs that govern our lives, none compares to the VOW!

So what exactly is a vow? let me give you an example.

Here are a bunch of common, unconscious beliefs we hold

Vows are usually enforced through threats of horrible punishment

I can't make enough money

I can't find a good man

I can't get my needs met

Now contrast that to the same underlying belief but as a vow.

I wont find a good man

I won't make enough money

I won't get my needs met

One is a statement of a deep belief, that grew out of difficult, traumatic events of the past. Even the most tenacious of beliefs have within them the desire that some day, somehow things could be different.

The other is a powerful act of will. It asserts that even if things could be different they should not be and I am committed to keeping it that way.

From the point of view of spiritual healing you can come to see that you are suffering, not because you are not enough and therefore can't do a particular thing, but because you believe yourself to not be enough. This is an unconscious belief we picked up early in life and it has just stuck around.

It can take some time but these unconscious believes can be brought to the surface, released from the nervous system and you will find yourself actually feeling like you are enough.

But a vow is different. It makes no difference whether you can or cannot, what you are enough or not, whether you are worthy or not. You simply won't allow it to happen.

A vow, in the way I use the term is an energetic, karmic commitment or contract. It is a sacred, unbreakable commitment to live your life in a certain way, according to a particular code of behavior, forever! Yes, that's right, forever. A deeply held energetic, sacred vow will remain in effect throughout every subsequent lifetime, until it is uncovered and you are released from it.

Religions and cultures by definition assert behaviors and mete out severe punishments for transgressions

Vows of silence. celibacy, poverty, unselfish service are all common ones we know of in various religious traditions. But we each have our own version of these.

I will never be happy

I will never be rich (I will only allow myself to get by)

I will never hurt another being (no matter how much I am hurt)

I will always follow the rules (even to my detriment)

I will always punish myself (for everything)

Where do these come from? Let me give you an example from my own life.

When I was little my father and my older brother took great pleasure in tickling me. They would do it all the time. I hated it.

I remember, quite vividly, one day I decided, "I will never be ticklish again" and I wasn't. The tickling stopped, of course, because it was no fun for them anymore. But I was never ticklish ever again, by anyone, and I still am not.

How many more of those kinds of vows, made to stop things happening to us, have we made in our lives that, while still be enforced have completely slipped out of conscious awareness?

Now that is a rather benign example. My life is not adversely affected by me not being ticklish. But, imagine, that same kid who, whenever he asked for help got hurt instead and as a result making the vow, "I won't ever ask anyone for help and if they offer I will not accept it."

This type of vow, avoiding some painful consequence, is actually easy to become free of. There is another kind though that is not easy at all. In the next blog I will go both of these kinds of vows and begin talk specifically about one that affects almost all of us; money vows.

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