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Judgement Day

The end of your world and the beginning of wisdom

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly." - Richard Bach

Judgement Day is today!

Every day we are called upon to discern, to distinguish, to discriminate. Every day we must sort through innumerable ideas and beliefs and life directions and walk that path.

Most of the time, though, the moment comes and goes without us noticing the auspices opportunity which has presented itself to us.

We tend to go along with what we have always thought, taking actions we have always taken, barely noticing that an entirely new life is right there for the taking.

Vishnu dreaming on the ocean of the infinite, Brahma blinking the universe into and out of existence

Every day your world ends and a new one is born. Every day Brahma blinks and a universe comes into existence. It may look the same as the last universe, but that is only superficial.

When the recognition dawns that worlds are vanishing and appearing at an inconceivable rate of speed, a fresh insight emerges. Something KNOWS the end of worlds and birth of universes.

"I am that principle which witnesses the birth and dissolution of the universe." - NIsargadatta Maharaj.

To be aware of the coming and going of worlds and the momentous opportunity that this endless arising and subsiding affords one, is the beginning of wisdom.

It is the beginning of a life unchained. it is the beginning of the Sage. It is liberation from the monotony of habit which seeks to recreate yesterday from its ashes and projects upon a new birth an old world. It puts new wine in an old wine skin and then laments the stale taste.

You have died and been reborn more times in your life than there are stars in the heavens. Let go of trying to know oneself as a manikin, a static statue in a park. Be the indefinable and uncontrollable flow of universes. Be that principle which witnesses the birth and dissolution of worlds.

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