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Goddess of the Sky

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; How much it can fill your room depends on its windows." - Rumi

I chose that phrase "Contemplation on Time and the Timeless" as my tagline because it best fits my experience here and/// well/// everywhere..

Truthfully, although living in Seattle was wonderful, being close to my son, my sister and my granddaughters was wonderful beyond words. But I wasn't experiencing the dynamics and inspiration that has been my lifeblood.

I create for a living. I have my entire life. Be it music, comedy, satire, voice characterizations, computer systems, data architectures or healing modalities, everything has revolved around and depended upon the unfailing flow of fresh, inspired thought, insight and imagery.

So, as heartwarming as my stay in Seattle was, and how heart wrenching it was to leave, I have to admit, the flow of creative juice was lacking. I needed to find a new muse.

Walking by the river Main on my way to the famous Christmas Market in Frankfurt

Now, the first thing a muse does is set a direction. Creativity is not chaotic. Exactly the opposite, it is intensely focused, even to the level of being obsessive. And so it was.

Everything I have experienced in this new world of experience has had two faces. That bound by time and space and that which was beyond both. Timeless and dimensionless.

But, what does timelessness actually mean?

In every every experience we have, from the most mundane to the most profound, there is always the presence of opposites. The gradations of beneficial or destructive, positive or negative, yin or yang.

But at the root there is always the dimension of time, the concrete experience, the place, the time, the people, the flow of events. Simultaneously and, completely invisible to the set and setting of time, is the timeless, the universal theme, the eternal motif, forever playing itself out, the same singular truth appearing in an endless flow of brilliant variations.

The events of time are easy to describe. But the timeless dimension, the invisible light that animates them and gives them meaning, is impossible to put into words. You see it, you know it is there. In fact, were it not there, no circumstance could occur, no moment could happen, everything would be nothing, void, lifeless.

The extraordinary and overwhelmingly big Christmas Market

Like a cartoon character without an artist, like the child of a barren woman, like music without a song, there would be nothing.

For the modern. overly rational min, the timeless is a vague abstraction. Full of "facts", materially verifiable, reproducible, our modern world has lost touch with the subtle. This cultural blindness cannot see past surface and has even fallen so far from grace that it believes that there is nothing beyond the surface. As if we were living on a hollow earth, a mere crust. They remain complete unaware of the burning center that has given rise to it all.

The Himalayan Mountains are a wonder to behold. The tallest, Chomolungma reaches up into altitudes that are only reached by the highest flying jets. The name itself beautifully illustrates this sad point.

Chomolungma is Tibetan and means "Goddess of the Sky." Clearly the native population saw the mysterious timeless reflected in this form that clearly deserves the term awesome.

Countless years later, a truly primitive people renamed it Mt. Everest, honoring some insignificant and very time bound character. This is the profound difference between those who have darkened their minds with the transient and those who commune with the "Goddess of the Sky."

So it is that, as I walk down unfamiliar streets, hearing words that are full of expression and yet, for me, have no literal meaning, I seek to find in these earthy moments, the "Goddess of the Sky." And, seeking her blessing and inspiration, I struggle to find adequate words that may point to the invisible meaning that lies beyond beyond. A meaning as playful as it is profound, that bathes everything in its intelligence and love, thus making the whole trip of manifest human life worthwhile.


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