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Energy Healing - What Is That?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

What Is That?

Healing modalities have come a long way since the time of using leeches as a blood purifier and whiskey as an anesthetic. And psychology has come an infinitely long way from Freud.

These healing modalities all revolve around the idea that the body, and indeed our entire experience of life, are created and sustained by the flow of energy. This is not a new idea. It has been embodied in Chinese medicine for millennia. It is referred to as chi and the understanding as to how the chi, the energy, moves is known as the Tao.

As it has been slowly infiltrating the west for several decades, it has taken on different forms and more western names. It is called energy healing, energy medicine and also got the more formal name of energy psychology. I guess this gives it a certain credibility, at least in certain circles. And this credibility is needed. The western mainstream has been very slow to accept any of this.

Now admittedly, an energy system that makes up the body is not something that can be measured, weighed or detected in any way. There are no physical structures in the correspond to the meridians of acupuncture. So, our modern methods for determining what is "real" and what isn't would have to regard energy healing as pseudo science. Fair enough.

Of course, there is the fact that it doesn't require expensive drugs or treatments and can be easily learned and practiced by anyone without years of study. The status of hierarchy and power is a bit flustered by that. Now the truth is no one knows what energy is. It is totally mysterious and I doubt if we ever really will. But, while we don't know what energy is, we do know what it does... EVERYTHING. The premise behind energy healing is that energy flows. that is what it does. But there is a natural way in which it was meant to flow. When it flows down its natural channels or according to its own nature, it's called health. When it is blocked or disrupted in some way we call it illness, stress, and basically suffering.

The whole thrust of energy healing then is to restore the natural flow when it has been disrupted. This is accomplished through a set of tools that make it possible for the natural flow to happen. These techniques touch mind, body and the emotions. And, of all these various techniques, my favorite and the one I use and teach is The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. It is amazingly effective and, while it does take time to master, it can be learned very quickly and you will feel the effects immediately. I have seen it bring about remarkable cures; everything from insomnia, fear of public speaking, PTSD, physical pain and stress reduction.

Interestingly enough EFT has been clinically tested on places like Harvard and has amassed quite an impressive body of scientifically verified results. None the less, the mainstream remains reluctant to give it its due. That is changing but it is only a matter of time.

So what is a non-duality teacher doing teaching a healing technique. Simple, it is to alleviate suffering. And I discovered a long time ago that spirituality can't be an end run. It must address the whole being, and not just a part. Hence the need for physical, mental and emotional healing as a forerunner to awakening. This is, of course, not always the case. But in my many, many years of teaching and healing I have found that most people need a preparation of all three aspects (mind, body, emotions) before the depth of self-inquiry can truly be explored. So when you combine energy healing with the spiritual altitude of Inner Reconciliation , you have what I believe is the most powerful healing tool currently available. Believe me if I find a better one, I will learn it and bring that to you. Join myself and host/producer Lisa Berry for the next episode of "The Flow" every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern time. at or in the private facebook group

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