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Creators of Reality… Really?

Sand, Desert, Thirst, Mirage

In our never-ending pursuit of happiness we have created many ideas

Like “You create your reality”

Nobody created reality!

It just is and always has been

Hence the word real

And, since it just is, it is what you are experiencing all the time

Like right now

We just call it something else

We call it my life, my mind, my world

But that is not what it is

That is only what we perceive

Our own, built in, virtual reality goggles

You never experience a thing

You only ever experience your perception and call that a thing

Or, more commonly, the misperception of a thing (aka an illusion)

The mirage in the desert

The desert is there

The sand is there

The sun

The heat,

The sweat

The thirst

The heat waves

Rising from the arid ground

Making ripples in the air

Those are all there

The mirage is not

Things are not what we think they are

You are not who you think you are

You are way more

That is real

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