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Ancestral Burdens

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The Buck Stops Here!

There was a time, and not that long ago, that we were completely at the mercy of our heritage. We adopted the values, morals and assumptions of our parents and the culture in which we all lived. We were fish, at the mercy of the pond.

But something has changed. This strange thing called awakening has started to happen. Some of us began to question whether the way things were are the way they have to be. Of course, there have always been people in history who have done that. Some completely transformed culture. Others ended up barbecued on a stake. But never has it happened on such a massive scale as to cause disruption and even chaos, not just in one isolate place, but everywhere. While we can look outward at the current turmoil of the world, that is only a reflection of the deeper alchemy at work within our own hearts. The liberation of the world and all the social systems it contains, can only occur following the liberation of individual human souls. Breaking the long chain of ancestral burdens requires deep self examination, in the bright light of wisdom. And at the heart of that wisdom is a simple insight. Your conditioning was your training not your being. None of us escaped childhood without enormous parts of our natural brilliance repressed. Our parents did to us what their parents did to them. And their parents did to them and so on and so on and so on back into the primordial soup. What is different now though is that many. many of us are aware of it. We are recognizing conditioning as conditioning. Thus it is not essentially who we are. As far as I am concerned this is the second biggest discovery a human being can make. And it opens the door to the biggest discovery of all... what you essentially are. That recognition of conditioning as conditioning sets in motion a process, a practice, a sadhana. The ancestral burden has infiltrated every aspect of individual life; thought, emotion and sensation and thus has shaped all experience. Integrating this wisdom into your everyday life is the true spiritual path. And that opens the door to a stunning realization. Since the current state of the world is a reflection of the inner state of the human collective i have a power I didn't know I had. My individual, every day embodiment of freedom from conditioning is, simultaneously, the liberation and healing of the entire world. Your liberation from ancestral burdens is the liberation of the whole. Do you want to save the world? Well, now you know how. The buck really does stop here!

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