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It is a deep feeling of not quite being good enough. It may be felt quite unmistakably in some situations but its source is buried deep in the nervous system.
Shame is the direct result of "The Mother Of All Trauma" and I'm Excited To Show You Where Yours Is Hiding So You Can Dissolve It For Good. 

Today, there's a 95% chance that the problems you face in your life are caused by traumatic events that are stuck in your nervous system.

This stuck energy influences your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and expectations. 

Ultimately, that creates behaviors, habits, and most importantly determines your personal results.

Have you found that you're not achieving your financial goals? N
ot attracting the romantic partner of your dreams? Not living the life you truly want? It's almost certainly a result of trauma.

But what if I told you that virtually all trauma can be traced back t
o the same root trauma for almost all humans? 

I Call It The "Mother Of All Trauma".

And it's this mother of all trauma that is continuously birthing new traumas for you, and new problems to overcome.

This mother of all trauma fragments our being like a broken mirror, and causes the same challenges to show up in our lives. They repeat over and over again, never to stop.


Unless the root trauma, the mother of all trauma is addressed and dissolved away. 

You see, just like a weed, if you cut off the top, it might go away for a little while, but in a short period of time, it grows right back again. And maybe stronger. The only way to really get rid of that weed is to dig up the root. The mother root that keeps creating more weeds that you have to deal with. 

The good news is that while there are many different weeds in the world, some with longer roots, some shorter, fatter, thinner, and etcetera, they all require analyzation so the right tool can be used to dig them up correctly.


Humans are different. It's actually much simpler. 

The reality is that almost all humans share the very same "Mother Trauma". It just shows up in physical reality as unique challenges, fears, emotions, thoughts, and more. But when you trace it all back to the start, the same "Mother" is there. It's essentially not unique. It simply births unique challenges for each of us. 

So, if one person can resolve the "Mother Of All Trauma" that means essentially anyone can. Because it is the same for almost everyone. It just looks different on the surface.

You see, the people who have gotten rid of their "Mother Trauma" are often hiding in plain sight. Completely happy, totally content, absolutely complete. They don't need you to know how much money they have, how comfortable their home is, or wonderful their family and friends are.

These people have a secret.


A secret that they are strangely not trying to hide. It's only a secret because it's hard to see. It's also hard to talk about. It's just plain old hard to communicate about it at all. 


It's the weirdest thing. Even if you've found your "Mother Trauma", you may not realize what it is, and believe me, if those who have found it could... they'd show it to you right now. Because they're abundant. They don't have anything to lose by giving you the secret too. They just simply don't know how to share it with you. 

It's hard to explain but let me try.

It's like... If you have dissolved your "Mother Trauma" and found true abundance it can be like suddenly being gifted with a foreign language that only you know, and trying to speak it to others only confuses them. 


Because of this "language barrier" it can be extremely frustrating to communicate how to see your "Mother Trauma" and then by extension use your true abundance. Even if you want to desperately share the "secret". 

And after decades of trying to "crack the code". I'm excited to report that I've finally found a way to point you towards that secret "Mother of All Traumas" inside you so that you can finally dissolve it for yourself.


I want to show you how you can see your "Mother Trauma" that lives inside you without a shadow of a doubt. And I want you to dissolve it and then use the abundance that is being blocked by that trauma. And then get what you truly want in life.

Let me show you how

Hi, my name is GP Walsh. 

Tappist Monk Headshot.jpg

I'm a spiritual teacher and guide. Because the truth of the matter is, there is no authority when it comes to this stuff, only experience. And I have a lot of experience. 5 decades to be specific. (That's 50 years.)


Because it all started when I was 19 years old. I was a teenage suicidal drug addict at the end of my hope, when something I can only describe as "Original Innocence" stepped in and showed me something almost indescribable. The heart of abundance. The force that is covered over by "The Mother of All Traumas".


The essential thing that the most abundant people in the world have, and simply cannot describe. I cannot tell you how lucky I felt. Until I tried to tell people about it... and I just sounded nuts.

I didn't know exactly what it was that I discovered at the time, but it was such an awesome and abundant force that I spent my life trying to uncover it further and share it with others. 

And that's the hardest thing. Sharing how to find and dissolve "The Mother of All Traumas" with others. 

The only way I could share it at first was through the "normal" aspects of life that people easily understand. I made money. I started a successful business. I created a family, and then gave that business to my sons. After that, I retired comfortably. I have lived an objectively abundant life on a material level. 

But I always wanted to give not just material abundance to others, with money, or businesses, or things... I wanted to give them what I was gifted when I was 19 years old. The secret abundance inside. What is left when the "Mother Trauma" is finally gone. 


The type of abundance that lets you live abundance directly instead of having to do it through other's money. Or other's love. Or other's gifts. 

What if you could eradicate your "Mother Trauma" and  discover the secret abundance inside you?


What if you were able to give yourself abundance, and let it flow out into others as well?

What if you could even learn to find this abundance yourself and then teach those that you love how to do it too? How would that impact your life and the lives of those you love?


That was my goal. That was my mission. That was my passion. And that took up so much of my life. 

Because, probably like you, I couldn't always figure out how to find that abundance within me again. Sometimes it would feel like it slipped away, nowhere to be found. And sometimes it would be suddenly back, shining in full force. Abundance everywhere. 

I could sometimes connect with my abundance. But it would often hide, covered over by my "Mother Trauma". It drove me crazy trying to figure out how to not only find it within myself, but to give the experience to others. 

But it was worth it. 

Because I finally found it. The way to dig up the root of the "Mother Trauma" once and for all. 

I now can confidently say I can show you how to find this "Mother Trauma" in your own being, dig it up, and throw it in the trash. And I  want so much to help you do that.

I mean, does the stuff I'm about to say sound familiar? 

  • Life never gives you what you want. Or if you get what you want, it gets taken away from you in the worst way possible. Only to leave you worse off than before and wondering why life is so cruel.

  • Life never gives you enough money. Your dream home is out of your financial reach. You don't have enough for the car you really want. That fancy place you'd like to eat is just too expensive to justify going to. 

  • Life holds back on giving you your perfect relationship. Or only gives you relationships that start out great but end in disaster. Or maybe you can't get a relationship or partner at all. 

Ultimately it feels like life is holding back from you what you truly desire, and will never seem to just let you have it. 

If you resonate with any of that... I can tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. You do not need to feel like that any longer. You can have abundance in your life. You can have what you want. 

Because, after decades of searching, I finally stumbled into a way to show you where your "Mother Trauma" is hiding. Hidden in plain sight. So simple it's actually hard to explain.

And because this is so difficult to explain with words, the answer came to me not in words, but instead it came to me in a vision.  I believe the vision was my body and mind's way of finally crystalizing the information and experience I had over the decades into a way I could internalize and share with others. 

And I want to show you how. Without the need of a vision.

But why would you need my help? Why wouldn't you just go read a book on trauma, or take another course, or get some coaching?

I mean, sure you can do that. I mean, I did that. 

I completely understand why you'd want to. But I know from experience that essentially all other methods out there don't address the core issue. Because I've looked at, and tried, almost all of the methodologies out there. 

And sure, they work great for "personal development" or "self help". But I'm not talking about developing your person, or creating a better self. 

I'm talking about finding your deep rooted "Mother Trauma", seeing right through it, and discovering what lies behind. And that part of you does not need any self-help. Believe me. 

You might think I'm crazy, but I'm telling you, what you seek is right here. It's just hiding behind "The Mother of All Traumas".

You just can't see it right now. And it's not your fault. I couldn't see it for so long, and then I could see it, and then it would seem to disappear again. It made me feel crazy. 

But I know that what you want is right there, right with you, right now. No question. You just have to see it. And when you do, everything will change.

All the other methods to create a better life work by trying to attract things, people, situations, and stuff on the outside world. 

Let me tell you, getting stuff on the outside world is not the same as finding what lies behind your "Mother Trauma". 

Here's the difference. Self-help, hard-work, and great educations can get you stuff. But stuff can't show you what lies behind your "Mother Trauma". And that is where the real power lies. 

You see, you might get stuff with self help methods. But you might also lose the stuff you got. And then what?

What if you knew, even if you lost your stuff, you could still tap into the infinite abundance that lies behind your "Mother Trauma"?

What if you were so confident that you could feel your abundance even if you lost everything you thought you wanted?


Because you knew you could get what you truly wanted back. 

That's what I want to give to you. That confident abundance. And it's not something you'll find in self-help.

But don't take my word for it. Check out what other people have said...


"I just wanted to take time and say thank you.
Thank you for one of the most valuable workshops I ever did.

I'm one of the lucky ones because I was on the call. 

I'm feeling extremely grateful for this workshop and all the work and effort
you put into it. It's packed with incredibly

helpful content and I'm just so thrilled I signed up."

"Thank you so much GP for tapping with me on
"Being blamed without any fault" and "Deep seated self doubt".
It felt like you just helped me release life times of trauma on that.
Forever grateful 🙏🙏🙏"  
- Sonia Navarrete


If you're stuck anywhere in life, I can't recommend a session enough with GP!
He's highly skilled as a guide and he REALLY knows what he's doing.
BTW I'm a coach by profession for over a decade,
so this comes from someone who is skilled and regularly helps others
change their lives, so I'm very picky about who I trust to help me.
If that's not an endorsement...I don't know what else is!"
-David Hamilton

"The one man that has and continues to help me on my spiritual path and
understanding of ' my meaning in this life is GP Walsh!
His teachings on Inner Reconciliation have truly changed my personal,  
business and athletic life! Thank you GP! "
-Dr Klara Gubacs

So after saying all that, what exactly am I offering you here? 


How To Heal The Mother Of All Trauma II

The Shame Edition

Saturday, February 11 @ 2pm Eastern

Just like the original, this will be an online, live interactive workshop that is designed to help you find where your "Mother Trauma" is hiding and alleviate the toxic shame that it created.

And you'll discover how to access the abundance that is right behind that original trauma.


I'll show you how how to dissolve that "Mother Trauma", and use the abundance right behind it in your life. 

Mom Shame Square.jpg

Here's what you'll get:  

Admission to the live workshop which includes the opportunity to work one-on-one with GP as well as hear others do the same. (The workshop is on Saturday, Feb 11th at 11am PST.)

Replay of the workshop (including downloadable audio.)

Special Pre-release ebook and audiobook "Not 2" - written and recorded by myself. (This is a book I took years to write. It's finally done after multiple revisions, and everyone I've shown it to loves it. You'll get both the written, and professionally recorded audio versions just for signing up to this workshop today.)

14 Day Membership to the Looking Class a weekly energy healing group with another opportunity to work one -on -one with GP in a group setting to really look closer at the mother of all traumas.

treasure chest blow.jpg
Mom Button.png

I don't even want to calculate how much time and money I've spent trying to figure out this method over the decades. But I could easily see someone spending upwards of $10,000 on the conservative side. I mean, how many workshops, conferences, retreats, books, audiobooks, and more would you have to go to to figure out that almost none of that stuff works anyhow?

And I don't want you to have to go through all that time, money, and frustration.

But here's the catch.

I can't do all of this for you.

It's not like you can just pay me, and I can build you a custom made "Mother of All Trauma" dissolving device.

The thing is, your "Mother Trauma" can only be found by you.

But with my methodology I can show you where it is. And how to let it go.

However, again, the catch is that you have to look. And let go.

And because of that, I can't charge an arm and a leg for this. Nor would I want to. I mean, everyone needs money to run a business. And what kind of course on creating a more abundant life wouldn't charge money, that would be strange right?

And you risk nothing.


I know that my "How To Heal The Mother of All Trauma"  course is the most unique course on trauma out there right now. And I also know that I feel better about buying something if there's a 100% money back guarantee, so that's what I'm doing for you.

I want to keep it super simple, because I know you'll love what you find in my course, I can confidently say that at any time within 90 days after you purchase you want your money back, for any reason whatsoever, I'll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked. And we'll stay friends.

Remember, the longer you wait to strike at the root of the "Mother Trauma" that is hiding within you, the more you're missing out on what life has to offer. And the price of "How To Heal The Mother of All Trauma" is going to go up. And the live call will soon be over and in the past.


The methods in "How To Heal The Mother of All Trauma" are not available anywhere else, at any price. And the material in this course is based on my own unique experiences and methods that have helped myself and many others find and change their lives with the abundance they discovered within themselves.


Very few people know how to benefit from these methods, and you could be one of them. I can't guarantee how long this course will be up online or how long I can keep the price this low and the bonuses free. So if you're serious about discovering and using the abundance that is hidden within you to transform your life, act fast if you want in.


Most people who are looking to heal the traumas in their life haven't found a way to feel consistently free of trauma. And that's because they aren't looking in the right place. And that "right place" is so difficult to communicate with just words. And that is exactly what my course "How To Heal The Mother of All Trauma" is designed to do. Communicate to you where to discover your hidden original trauma and get that "Ah ha!" moment you've been waiting for.


In my course "How To Heal The Mother of All Trauma" you get all designed to show you where your "Mother Trauma" is hiding and how to see it directly. Plus, you'll get access to the live call if you sign up before Saturday Feb the 11th. And you'll get access to the book and audio recording of Not Two and 14 days of The Looking Class immersion program.

All that together is a value of $294. But right now you can get this wonderful savings of 67% and you can get all of this for a one time payment of only $97!!

And if you don't like it at any time during 90 days after your purchase, I'll refund every single cent you paid. No questions asked.

If you've read this far, look inside yourself, you know you want this, trust your gut, trust your instincts, trust your intuition. Whatever feeling you have deep down that tells you this is a good idea, has it steered you wrong before? Listen to it. Listen to me, listen to what my students have said before. You won't regret it. Click the buy now button right now.

Tappist Monk Headshot.jpg
Mom Button.png

Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy "How To Heal The Mother of All Trauma"!


-GP Walsh

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