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TapFirmations are a novel approach to five powerful tools:

Meridian Tapping



Positive Affirmations

Brain Entrainment Audio Technology


Anyone who has tried affirmations knows they rare;y work. And those of you familiarm with Meridian Tapping know that it is usually focused on processing the difficult unconscious material like traumas, wounds, phobias, stess and the like.


TapFirmations uses the five technologies to create the perfect environment in which positive messages can sink deep into the nervous system with little to no resistance.


We cover 6 critical topics

I Am Safe

I Am Free

I Am Happy

I Am Wealthy

I Am Peaceful

I Am Loved


Each of these has to different versions. One is meant to be used during the waking hours.

The other is designed to be used when you go to bed. It plays for a while and then does a nice slow fade which allows you to fall asleep.


Each of these is quite long. They all start with Meridian Tapping and then the tapping falls away and you are just absorbing the affirmation. There is about 6 hours of material.


There are two different types of brain entrainment technology; binaural beats and sofeggio frequencies. While the binaural beats only work with headphones, solfeggio freguencies are effective even through speakers.




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