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Mabon The Equinox

The Harmonious Flow Of Opposites

The equinox is the single moment, the exact center between the flow of opposites. It is the fulcrum, the balance point. Everything is equal.

Dark and Light Birth and Death Masculine and Feminine Divine and Human As long as humanity has been around, this relentless flow has been acknowledged and celebrated.

It was understood and accepted, that at the Autumnal conjunction, we would be heading into darkness, but that there would once again be a resurrection of the sun. The darkness will pass and the time of planting and dancing on the warming earth would come again. But now was the time of harvest. The time to gather into the storehouses all that has be gleaned from the days in the golden sun. Releasing attachment to that which cannot be held, for the flow will dance quickly past the point of equilibrium. It is an eternal dance. The cycles of time pulsate in the world, in the cosmos and in our own bodies. If we accept, wholeheartedly the fleeting moment of the equinox, the never ending flow of perpetual harmony, the cycles within cycles within cycles, we find the timeless. It is a mysterious paradox and you are at its center. So dance and celebrate what can't be held, the fleeting moment that is eternal. Join myself and host/producer Lisa for the next episode of "The Flow" every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern time. at or in the private facebook group

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