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Why Is Change So Freakin' Hard?

It doesn't have to be but... there are a couple things we need to understand to change the way change happens

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Let me explain.....
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Change Just Got A Whole Lot Easier
The Coherence Process
the Gentle Way to Progress in Life, Love, Health & Work
Thursday April 27 @ 2pm EDT
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What You'll Get
This program is a distillation of processes I have been doing for quite a long time

In this workshop I'll guide you into a state of inner coherence (all cylinders firing together)

This inner harmony is what makes change not only possible but enjoyable
A Two Hour Live Processing Workshop Using
  • Meditation
  • Meridian Tapping
  • Inner Dialog
To open the door to the healing of trauma
3 Prerecorded Videos
  • Why I Created This - The Back Story
  • The Coherence Process - How It Works
  • How to Make a Regular Practice 
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use coupon code save100 at checkout
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