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Energy Healing
Soul Reconnection

"After decades of all sorts of practices; metaphysical, emotional, mythological, psychological and, of course, spiritual, I finally brought it all together into a single, simple approach to inner work and the spiritual path and I named it Inner Reconciliation." ~ GP Walsh

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L'aboutissement d'un parcours de vie

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Tu n'es pas cassé

Pour beaucoup, cela semble complètement absurde.


Après tout, chaque auto-assistance, développement personnel et pratique spirituelle ne visent-ils pas à réparer, à éliminer ou à transcender tous nos défauts personnels qui doivent être corrigés pour vivre pleinement ?

Avec tout le respect que je dois à toutes ces approches sincères, elles sont toutes complètement fausses !

Tu n'es pas cassé

In this fun and inspiring video series you will hear the remarkable life journey of a man transformed from a drugged out rock n' roll drummer to an internaltionally known

and loved Master Spiritual Teacher.

It unfolds the entire story from his abusive childhood, his descent in deep despair and his extraordinary spiritual experience that transformed his life and eventually unfolded to him the cause and cure for suffering which also happens to be the key to happiness.

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