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Ancient Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, martial arts, and acupuncture understood how life actually moved and functioned. That is how they healed and did miraculous things. They called this natural flow "the tao". And the tao is the center of “the tao of allowing” and its experiential approach to learning and mastering the law of attraction.

So, don’t stand in the ocean trying to push the waves back out to sea. Grab your surfboard and come surf the tao of allowing.


"A key piece of the manifestation puzzle that is often overlooked - and is addressed head-on in The Tao of Allowing - is that before we can successfully take that next step toward greater fulfillment, abundance, and success, we must feel in the very core of our being and nervous system that it is safe to take that step. As long as we are operating in a state of fear - whether expressed as resistance, defensiveness, or what G calls the 'contrived, artificial behaviors' that we adapted early in life to ensure our continued acceptance in our social 'tribe' - all our efforts forward inevitably grind to a halt, every single time." (Christy Whitman, The New York Times best-selling author)

The Tao of Allowing - Audiobook

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