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Change Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

A Goal Setting and Achieving Workshop
with Meridian Tapping

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Isn't that what we all want, a clean slate?

Nothing written on it
No conditioning
No programmed patterns
No habits
No wounds, traumas, bitter memories
No guilt
No shame
No blame

Nothing arising that would create self-doubt

No more self-judgement, self-criticism or self-sabotage

No past at all, a complete do over

After all this time, and all you have been through, is a pure, clean slate possible?

Actually, the answer is remarkable, outlandish and bold.

The answer is yes! It is possible, in fact, it is even more!

It is Inevitable!

You don't have to change the past

You just have to change your relationship with it!


"I was strangled by self-blame. The state I was in when I started with with GP was unbelievable, and the physical symptoms I was experiencing were crippling. I had given up... to the pain, the lack of energy, and my deteriorating health. And the worst part of all is that i was convinced it was my fault and was riddled with guilt. Without realizing it, I blamed myself for absolutely everything and it felt like there was no way out.

Immediately after starting to work with GP my physical pain lessened. It continued to diminish daily and my energy began to increase. I recognized that I had been taught toxic shame, taking the blame even for the abuse I experienced as a child. GP replaced that with self-kindness and acceptance that literally changed my life and my body's health. I am truly thankful for the gift of working with GP."

- Sally Anne Saint; Artist, Life Coach, Wales

What's in the Cleanse?

It's NOT Your Fault

Ending the Tyranny of Self-Blame

From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust

Restoring the Natural Confidence of a Child

Freedom from the Past

Releasing Trauma, Grief & Persistent Beliefs

Spiritual Transformation

Tapping into Your Innate Divinity & Original Innocence

Bundle Vid X Square.png

Plus 2 Amazing Bonuses


The Flow - An in-depth course that explains energy healing in detail; What is it? Why does it work? How does it work? And why is it the most natural thing in the world?


The Tappist Monks - Recognizing the need for consistent practice to bring about permanent deep shifts, GP has created an ongoing immersion and mastery program called the Tappist Monks. A 3 Month Membership Is Included with the Deep Energy Cleanse

More details about each part of the program below

The Deep Energy Cleanse...

is a collection of 4 live workshops, focusing on specific aspects of our energetic traumas and soul disconnection.

We sum all those up in a single cause, the start of it all, the mother of all traumas


We become disconnected, alienated from our true, pure, diamond-like nature and


What Is the Muck Made Of? Energy Patterns!


Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Putting the words aside, we all know what that feels like. 

"My life energy is just not flowing"

These are unconscious, unquestioned assumptions about ourselves, our lives, and the world around us.


It includes unconscious lessons learned in childhood:

  • I'm not good enough

  • It's all my fault

  • I can't do anything right

  • I'm not lovable

And we learn to not trust our own feelings, our intuition, our dreams of how we want our life to go.

Meridian Tapping

In the Deep Energy Cleanse, the primary Energy Healing Modality we will be using is Inner Reconciliation Energy Technique, better known as Meridian Tapping.

Meridian Tapping is a powerful holistic healing technique that has helped millions of people with a wide range of emotional, mental and even physical illnesses. It has been used to treat all sorts of issues, including

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • All kinds of phobias

  • Depression

  • Addictions

  • Chronic pain

  • Weight control, and limiting beliefs


And that is just a sample.

Mona Taps.jpg

"I have personally used this technique when I worked with combat veterans from 4 different wars, with severe PTSD. Every single one of them improved and, in some cases, they got their lives back. -“GP Walsh” 

If you are unfamiliar with this clinically proven healing modality, don't worry. It is easy to learn and this workshop will have you tapping away in no time!


After losing my two cats very close together I could barely function. Because he is able to so quickly intuit what the underlying problem is, in just one session he was able to completely eradicate the guilt I was burdened with. He then gently helped me process the grief holding a loving and healing space.


I have had previous experience with EFT, but it was not until I began my work with G that I discovered how successful and immediate the effects could be. G has his own style known as Inner Reconciliation which can shed layers trauma from the body in a very short space of time. I highly recommend working with G if you're looking to get to the core of your emotional pain, old wounds and self-sabotage and release it all safely and quickly.

- Susannah Wilson; EFT Practitioner, Dancer and Host of Creative Rebelution Podcast, Gozo, Malta

FROM our students

Meet Your Guide

Master Energy Healer GP Walsh

GP is first and foremost a spiritual teacher

“When I was graced with the profound understanding of the Original Innocence of each one of us it immediately delivered me from self-destructive, ego-centered behavior and set my feet on the path that eventually led to Inner Reconciliation”

GP has a unique ability to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life, wherever they are on their personal path.

From simply wanting help with uncovering blocks and old patterns, all the way to the deepest existential questions of who we really are and why we are here, he explains his message of love and acceptance and reminds us all that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN

End Suffering ~ Be Happy

Tappist Monk Headshot.jpg

From his earliest childhood traumas to his first major awakening at 19 to his discovery of Inner Reconciliation, his focus has always been the same.

SP Wide Modules.jpg

Introduction to the Immersion

Setting the Stage for Deep Healing
  1. Preface to Your Immersion

  2. Just the Points - For those new to tapping

  3. Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques - How this approach is different and why it is soooo effective

Tappist Monks Square.jpg
The Tappist Monks
Ongoing Immersion & Mastery Program

REPETITION IS EVERYTHING and this program is meant to be a total Immersion.

So it includes a 3 Month membership in GP's exclusive tapping group.


The playful title illustrates his approach is not merely therapeutic but deeply transformational.

Tappist Monks Include:

  • Weekly live group/1-on-1 tapping sessions for 3 months

  • An encouraging and inspirational weekly email from GP 

  • Private email access to GP  

  • Focused deep dive videos

  • Community connection

  • Discounts on selected  OM School courses and shop items

The Flow
Everything You Need to Know About Energy Healing

In this section GP dives deep into the whole practice and theory of energy healing.

You will emerge, not only with a profound understanding of the nature of healing, but with a renewed confidence in your ability to heal as well as a profound understanding of your true nature as The Flow. 

Life Is A Flow Square.jpg

This pre-recorded presentation is only available as part of the Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques Coach Training and Certification Program

It really is everything will ever need to know about energy healing!

Blame Vid Square.jpg
It's NOT Your Fault
From Self-Blame to Self- Validation

We all desire Freedom from the Tyranny of Self-Judgment.

There is nothing more debilitating than the belief that somehow you are to blame for all of the bad things that have happened to you.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In this life-saving workshop, you will come to see through this crippling lie and tap out of its unconscious influence. Then you will experience the most marvelous state of being SELF-VALIDATION. You will come to honor you innate capacity to know who you are, set proper boundaries and be treated in the way you know deep down you deserve.

Out of Self-Doubt & into Self-Trust
Awakening to Confidence and Authority

From early childhood, the vast majority of us are taught to defer to outer authorities.


Starting with parents and then extending to religious leaders, teachers, politicians and, increasingly of late, media, there is always someone who "knows better."

Doubt Square.jpg

This undermines one of our most sacred powers, the power of self-determination and the discernment of what is right for us.

Self-doubt is a learned habit in the nervous system and nothing more. There is nothing more effective than Meridian Tapping at dissolving this learned habit of self-doubt and replacing with the natural state of SELF-TRUST.

Freedom Square.jpg
Freedom from the Past
Release Traumas, Grief & Persistent Beliefs
STEP INTOStep Into Self Forgiveness, Acceptance & Peace

How many times in your life have you wanted to have a DO OVER!

This entire Deep Energy Cleanse is all about starting over with a clean slate. But the process wouldn't be complete without addressing all the accumulate muck of THE PAST.

In this liberating workshop we will address all the deep stuff, those early wounds and traumas that convinced you that:

  • Im not good enough

  • I'm not lovable

  • I'm need to say invisible

  • I'm alone

  • And it's all my fault

You will emerge on the other side of this deep transformation with the greatest gift of all, SELF-FORGIVENESS.

Beyond Healing to Wholeness
Living from Your Perfection Instead of Striving for It

Self improvement, personal development, spiritual growth are not suppose to be an endless road.

Have you ever asked yourself, "I know I am here for life lessons but, JEEZ, when have I learned enough???"


Is that al there is to it, just one lesson after another, striving but never arriving?

Spiritual Square 2.jpg


This is what GP refers to as "The Self-Help Treadmill," an endless precession of books, seminars, new techniques, the latest and greatest.


You see, self-improvement is a place where we can easily get stuck. In this totally unique workshop we will make  a deep and powerful transition.

Moving from someone STRIVING FOR wholeness to LIVING FROM wholeness.

GP Prayer.jpg
Guidance from a Master
The incredible benefits of working with someone who has been there

GP is a true master!


Not because of accumulated knowledge, although the depth and breadth of his knowledge of all sorts of spiritual and personal development traditions and practices is unparalleled.

Not because of his extraordinary ability to express deep spiritual truths in simple and even entertaining ways, so much so that Jack canfield called him "One of the best storytellers in the world."

His mastery rises out of personal experience. He lived through the trauma of an abusive, loveless and unsafe childhood. He has struggled to make a living, raise children. He has known success and endured tragic failures.

In short, his patience, love and compassion were forged in the fire of everyday human life and now his greatest joy is simply sharing his wisdom so that he can make your life easier than it was for him.

Let's Talk Price


When you invest in any program you are really investing in the contact with the experienced teacher who can guide you into higher realms of experience and freedom.


The guidance that leads you to experiencing that freedom is priceless!

What we offer is the tools, techniques and. most importantly, the self acceptance and understanding that will shorten the distance between where you are and TOTAL SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.

No one can walk this path for you. But GP has been there and can help you along the way.

The Deep Energy Cleanse

It's NOT Your Fault - $197

From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust - $197

Freedom from the Past- $197

Beyond Healing to Wholeness- $197

The Flow- $397 - only available in Tapping Coach Training

Tappist Monks- $291 - $97 (per month) - 3 month membership

Personal Guidance from a Master - Priceless

Total Value $1,500

if it were available separately... which it isn't

Your Cost $297

Testimonials from the Luminaries
GP is an expert acknolwedged by many of the most recognized people in
personal development, spirituality and success

I have had the privilege of hearing some of the best storytellers and speakers in the world. GP Walsh is one of those.  It is a rare talent that can keep an audience absolutely mesmerized while delivering teaching and insights that are profound and life-changing. GP will take you on a journey you will not soon forget and will touch you in ways that will effect everything you do.


Jack Canfield

The World’s #1 Success Coach and Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The Success Principles"


GP Walsh is a master who will leave you absolutely spellbound. As I listened to him, I laughed, cried, and felt transformed from insight after insight. He offered me a deep journey into my soul.  He is a revelation to every audience who has the opportunity to experience him and I can’t recommend him enough! "


Marci Shimoff  

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author: "Happy for No Reason", "Love For No Reason", "Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul"

GP is extraordinary. As entertaining and engaging as he is, he is delivering life lessons that can only be referred to as profound.  He is a master teacher with an irrepressible wit, a seemingly endless stream of character voices and stories. Guru, storyteller, learned wise man? GP Walsh is all of those and more. "


John Gray  

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author of the Book of the Decade: "Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus"

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