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Phase 3
from Limited to Liberated
Limits are Only in the Mind

From Limited To Liberated
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"The precious gift of human life cannot but overstated. Where else can you experience all of the intense feeling and experiences of existence while simultaneously being the Divine Mind that is looking on it all with Loving Awareness." - GP


All the Healing Events we put on at OM School are in response to the needs of real people.


The people in our events make it clear what is on people's hearts and minds these days and what needs to be addressed.

With the first focus on The Healing of Shame it opened the door to allowing more of the authentic you to come out and play.

So we shifted the emphasis of the 2nd healing event to 
Liberating Desire.

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We truly must allow ourselves to want what we want in order to grow in our lives and not get bogged down in perpetual self-fixing. We need both the inner work and an inner/outer vision.

So next we decided to focus the emphasis on taking off the limitations that we have imposed on ourselves. More accurately, they are limitations that were imposed on us early on but have been unconsciously accepted as our lot in life.

This is where we will put our attention in workshop 3 called "From Limited To Liberated."

While it will be a theme running through it, just like the last 2 healing events, the floor will be wide open to work with GP on whatever is important to you. So...

  • If there is shame he will help free you from that shame

  • If there is resistance to your desires (and if there wasn't you would have them fulfilled) he will work with you to liberate those and

  • If there is a sense of being limited he will work with you to expose the unconscious culprit and allow you to enjoy the freedom of self-expression


So thank you for joining us and we will see you on Friday for those of you in North America and Saturday for those of you who are out east, from India to New Zealand

from Limited to Liberated

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Limits are Only in the Mind

Friday/Saturday August 11/12

8pm EDT / 12am UTC  

5:30am New Delhi / 7am Thailand / 8am Perth,

10am Sydney / 12pm New Zealand

Meet Your Guide

Master Energy Healer GP Walsh

GP is first and foremost a spiritual teacher

Tappist Monk Headshot.jpg

From his earliest childhood traumas to his first major awakening at 19 to his discovery of Inner Reconciliation, his focus has always been the same.

End Suffering ~ Be Happy

“When I was graced with the profound understanding of the Original Innocence of each one of us it immediately delivered me from self-destructive, ego-centered behavior and set my feet on the path that eventually led to Inner Reconciliation”

GP has a unique ability to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life, wherever they are on their personal path.

From simply wanting help with uncovering blocks and old patterns, all the way to the deepest existential questions of who we really are and why we are here, he explains his message of love and acceptance and reminds us all that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN

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