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We live in a hyped up, distracted, multi-tasking world that is wreaking havoc on our nervous systems.


We need to balnce the enourmous amount of activity we are all engaged with, with time going within.


It is possible to so retrain your nervous system into adefault state of equilibrium, that the ebveryday stresses of the world don't touch you.


This has the profound effect of makein you more effective, responsive, creative and present. In other words, you are more yourself and not at the mercy of circumstance.


Not a bad deal and these meditation will help you get there.


This collection includes 5 meditations totalling about 90 minutes of meditations to help you come back to your natural balance and out of the state of stress and anxiety.


01 - Reclaiming Your Center

02 - Living From the Center

03 - The Power of Focus

04 - Living Balanced

05 - The End of the Struggle

An Integrated Life

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