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Pointing YOU Back To Your True Inner Peace
BY deepening your practice and
coming more fully
into your mastery
  • HAVING A MASTER spiritual teacher personally answering your questions, working through your emotional blocks and actually listening to you, live

  • INSTANTLY GAINING ACCESS to a community of like-minded souls who are going through  the same challenges and fears that you are and want to be there for you

  • KNOWING IN YOUR HEART that you have a truly safe space, where you can share whatever you need to and you will will be met with non-judgmental  and loving energy


JOIN US IN THE LOOKING CLASS where Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh will gently point you back to your true self and inner peace and guide you as you overcome limits and learn to have that peace become your default state



"There is no substitute for attentive repetition." - Daniel Coyle

It should come as no surprise that, in order to make truly meaningful transformations that last, it takes repetition. Not necessarily difficult, sweaty practice, but doing things over and over again until it "CLICKS".

that is exactly what we're going to be doing here in The Looking Class.

Once it "clicks", that's when the magic starts!

But first the repetition!

We will be meeting every single week. Not just a single workshop and not once a month. We're going to make this repetition frequent, and fun.

Practicing, under the guiding eye of a master is the quickest way to healing and transformation.


But this won't feel like when your parents made you practice that instrument that you just hated. This will feel like a meeting with friends. A meeting that you'll be excited to show up for and leave satisfied.

You could find a group of friends to share on your own.. but The Looking Class, while it is designed to be as easy as hanging with a bunch of friends, has a bigger purpose.

In a yoga class, the teacher watches your every move and makes small adjustments to your position and posture.


The key is that the teacher is making adjustments that you simply wouldn't have known to make. This is what guarantees success.

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Creating a

Safe Space for Healing

providing the tools for Mastering Energy Healing

Meridian Tapping ~ Inner Reconciliation
Meditation ~ Yoga of Allowing ~ Self-Inquiry

We will be using several different modalities in The Looking Class.


Some you have heard of like MeditationMeridian Tapping and Self-Inquiry. Some are innovations of my own,  namely Inner Reconciliation, the Yoga of Allowing.

Of course, you don't really care how we bring about energy healing, you just want the results, but it is comforting to know that it isn't happenstance, but systems and processes you can learn and master.

Meridian Tapping, along with GP's ability to point you to the root of all suffering and limitation combine to create paradigm shifts in your mind and body. This can systematically bring about dramatic changes in your relationships with family, friends, work, finances, romance, self-expression, fun, and much much more.

It's time for you to reconnect with your soul!

"I have used my approach to tapping and Inner Reconciliation on people from all walks of life; artists, lawyers. doctors, psychotherapists, teachers, musicians, mothers and fathers, truck drivers, and race car designers.

I have even worked with combat veterans, from 4 different wars, with severe PTSD. Every single one of them improved and, in some cases, they even got their lives back."

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You're Not Broken

As a Master Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer, GP understands the depth to which healing can go.

There are many modalities that can alleviate symptoms as well as a great deal of suffering and limitation. Meridian Tapping is such a technique but it has far more potential than just symptom relief.

GP's approach goes to the root of all suffering and limitation and systematically works there to bring about dramatic shifts in one's relationship with all of life; family, friends, work, finances, self-expression, and fun.

What the Teacher Gives You

That you can't give yourself


Even world class athlete's have a coach

GP has been teaching and healing students for 5 decades. He has seen it all, and has been where you are.

So, what should you expect from your OM School teacher and guides as we walk with you while you explore the deepest parts of yourself? 

The Teacher / Coach / Guide Will:

First and foremost practice what we preach! We model the best and most effective way to practice.

Show you where and how to look but never tell you what you "should" see. The teacher steers you in the right direction, pointing out the potholes and the pitfalls and making it safe for you to look for yourself. We facilitate healing. We don't create it.

See subtleties the student misses -  like a personal trainer in the gym or the yoga instructor in the studio, we make those adjustments that could actually cause you harm if done incorrectly

(I broke my shoulder for lack of that guidance so I am speaking from experience)

NOT be intimidated by big problems - Sadly I have seen teachers "re-traumatize" their students by:

  • Reacting negatively (or even with disgust) when someone shares a particularly difficult story from their past

  • Not providing a safe enough space for the deep stuff to come up in

  • Not knowing what to do when something really big surfaces

All these reinforce the traumatized energy and increase the sense of guilt and shame, this is not place for the teacher to be learning.


hold powerful space even when the truly big stuff comes up from old wounds and traumas. When a teacher is not disturbed by other's traumas, wounds, experiences (from this life or past ones) no matter how horrific, we are qualified to hold space for the student. And that space is in fact, the single most important factor in healing.

Show you there is nothing to fear - In The Looking Class, we model unconditional love and that capacity can't be taught, it is gained from exposure to a truly loving environment. In other words, you have to be there to truly experience it.

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What Is included


The Weekly Gathering - The highlight of the program, where we work as a group and GP will be working with people individually as well

The Monday Mirror - Each week, GP delivers a pre-recorded message with useful and supportive tips, guidance, and answers to questions that he has gotten from the group


Private Access Email  - A direct, priority email to GP exclusively for Members of the Looking Class. Here you can ask GP questions in total confidentiality that he will answer privately or if you'd like your questions shared with the group.

A Safe Place - A dedicated and supportive group that creates a space in which it is safe to do the inner work necessary for genuine, lasting transformation

       A Student's Experience with GP's Tapping     

"Today I was at peak frustration UNTIL I listened to the four parts of "The Power of Touch". I had a kind of psychosis at 24. Back then I definitely felt like I was at war with myself. I am getting back to myself thanks to you. I have my work cut out for me, but holy moly the relief I already feel to actually have a toolkit for dealing with my nervous nervous system ;)  I am forever grateful. - With love, J"  (name withheld by request)

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