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A Meridian Tapping Total Immersion
Enjoy the First Day Absolutely Free

The very best way (actually the only way) and the fastest way, to bring about the kind of lasting freedom from limitations, frustrations and struggle is a consistent practice or immersion that transforms and retrains the nervous system and the unconscious patterns to move out of survival mode and into the thriving of inner power and equanimity

I personally used this technique when I worked with combat veterans from 4 different wars, with severe PTSD. Every single one of them improved and, in some cases, they got their lives back.

Derived from acupuncture, tapping is at the center o,f a whole new approach to health called Energy Psychology and GP is one of the leaders in this field.


"Disciplines such as yoga, massage, tai chi, and acupuncture rely on a body-mind connection, and evidence shows that these interventions can relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. EFT tapping falls into the category of body-centered therapies." - Source

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Meridian Tapping is a powerful holistic healing technique that has helped millions of people with a wide range of emotional, mental and even physical illnesses. It has been used to treat all sorts of issues, including stress, anxiety, all kinds of phobias, depression, addictions, chronic pain, weight control, and limiting beliefs. And that is just a sample.

Overcome Fear, Lack, Doubt and Anxiety
Finding Inner Safety is the Magic Formula

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Have you noticed that, even when everything seems just fine in your life, there is still a feeling of insecurity?

Most people believe that the only way to feel safe is to have all the conditions of their life all working harmoniously and abundantly.

If it were only about the external circumstances, most of use would feel safe and secure almost

all the time. BUT WE DON"T!

Why is that?

Even though circumstances may, in fact be safe, the nervous system has been programmed to ASSUME YOU ARE NOT SAFE.

Meridian Tapping Communicates Safety Through Touch

Tapping provides a continuous message to the nervous system of "I Am Safe." This is done not through words, but through touch. And touch is the language of the body.

If I were to tell you "You are safe" your mind would immediately counter that, citing all sorts of things going on in your life and in the world.


But when I give the same message through touch, it bypasses the mind and goes straight to the autonomic nervous system.


Because the nervous system is an adaptive machine, it immediately responds to the message. It does not accept it all at once, but it let's the message in, regards it as trustworthy and begins to check it out and see if it is really true.

If you continue to do this over an extended period of time, it begins to trust the truth of it and that is when long term, permanent healing happens.

From the Students

Good day GP ,just some feedback on your money tapping videos . I did all of them and been doing the allowing money one. I had financial challenges for over 19 yrs, its been miraculous the past week as money has flowed in from small to larger amounts and all blocks to certain things have lifted.

I feel prosperous on a deeper level and my paradigm has changed. Thank you so much for helping us with these free tapping videos they are truly transformational.

Even my relationship with my mother has become more joyful. Blessings!

~ Jayne Flintoff, UK


Remember when you learned to ride a bike?

Truth is, you didn't learn, YOUR BODY DID. You just kept getting on the bike and trying to ride.

Because of your intention and practice, the body figured out how to make thousands of small adjustments, in just the right amounts, to keep you upright.

And the benefits accumulated over time.

Benefits Accumulate Over Time


At first you were happy to just go a few feet without falling. But, overtime, it became so second nature that you were riding no hands all over the place.

This is how the nervous system "learns" or more accurately is trained into healthy habits.

Meridian Tapping has exactly the same effect. Over time you simply get used to being in a state of safety and thus all your behaviors; thoughts, feelings, sensation and even experiences become harmonious. Just as easy as riding a bike.

And, just like riding a bike, you never again not know how.

Enjoy the First Day Absolutely Free
A Total

The best way to truly learn, transform body, mind and soul is to immerse yourself in a

Day 1 - The Goal Is Equanimity (Free Trial)
Day 2 - Coming Into the Present Moment
Day 3 - Inner Reconciliation and Energy Healing
Day 4 - Overcoming Fear
Day 5 - The Cause of Fear
Day 6 - Coming to Peace with the Past
Day 7 - The Power of Belief and Identity
Day 8 - The Fastest Way to Progress
Day 9 - Spontaneity and Rigidity
Day 10 - A Very Special Exercise
Wrap Up
A Bonus Download for You - TapFirmation "I AM SAFE"
Continuing On - EFT, Chakras and Inner Reconciliation

consistent practice. And that is exactly what we are going to do over the next 10+ days. 

Enjoy the First Day Absolutely Free As a Test Drive
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